December 28, 2010

How To Design A Good, Easy And Economical Website - PART 1

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In this article I'll show you some interesting recommendations on how to reduce the cost of designing a website so that it suits your needs and budget.

This is PART 1 of this article, read PART 2 here

If you have the responsibility within your company to sell a product or service, Internet can be an excellent tool to further promote your entire line of products and services.

Internet can mean many things. It can assist in the promotion of goods and services, streamline the business process in general, help to provide better service to customers, strengthen brand positioning and even provide a platform for the operation of online information systems. A website can bring the full package of benefits for your business, but unfortunately it can also become a waste of time if there is no appropriate care.

Despite the poor results in the marketing programs of many companies, they still choose to implement low-cost solutions, websites that make executives feel they are doing something for the good of the company to be on the Internet, even when in fact these sites do not help at all in promoting the business.

"We want a simple website at the moment. Of course, very dynamic and attractive. A site that allows us to present our products throughout the world. We aim to increase sales through our website." - Managers and executives often argue.

What they said at least, is the typical way in which most of these executives express their idea about their web project, whose words contain a remarkable contrast. Without a true commitment to the project, they aim to design a simple website, which may not achieve what has been achieved in recent years by the work team itself, which is to improve substantially the sales and general business numbers. In these cases there is a reasonable balance between what is planned to invest and what is expected of the website.

Among the community of industry specialists that integrate Internet technology and online marketing, the question emerges: firms will take advantage of existing Internet technologies before they evolve into some other form of technology? Only time will give us the answer.

To understand all of what I mean when I say people not taking advantage of existing technologies, it’s enough to thoroughly examine the content, functionality and positioning of the websites of some companies under the following perspective:

• Can we find the range of products and services of that company through a search engine?

• Do these websites provide the information needed to make business decisions?

• Do all the links work to the various browsers available?

• Are websites designed according to the best practices in web design?

• Do they meet international standards in terms of functionality?

• Do they respect the visitor's time and display information quickly?

Since the arrival of the Internet, there have been two major barriers that have hindered the integration of web technologies with business. On the one hand there is the difficulty many marketers invest in Internet marketing campaigns for lack of a budget for this purpose and on the other hand, the lack of knowledge people still have about these new technologies. On this last point, the arrival of young companies executives accustomed to the online world has helped significantly to increase computer literacy within companies regarding technology and Internet marketing. It is clear that regarding those two obstacles, the economy is the biggest.

No need then to be an expert in the industry to discover that the root of the problem right now is essentially the limited budget allocated to projects for website design. The slogan is to reduce costs, so that sales managers, marketing and systems have no other choice but keep betting on solutions of low profile, although in most cases these are not giving good results at least make sense to business executives and allow them to feel they are implementing cutting-edge technology.

Then HOW can we take real advantage of these technologies in the time of economic downturn we are experiencing at the moment?

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