December 15, 2010

Quality Web Design Is Everything

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There are no bad websites, only the wrong purchasing decisions. If you want good results, invest in the type of product that your company really needs.

Let's begin by analyzing the definition of quality. According to Wikipedia, quality is an inherent property of anything that allows it to be compared with any other of its kind. Quality is usually defined as the fulfillment of the requirements, whether these are explicit or implicit, that satisfy a customer.

Different customers have different sets and levels of requirements within a single category of goods or services. That is why the definition of requirements should be made from a customer or group of customers in particular. And for that, before defining the requirements of a product we must necessarily define the client for whom it is intended. The quality is also defined as all the features of a product or service that meet the customer’s expectations for which they were designed, meeting their needs and expectations. Quality also involves the productivity, profitability and market acceptance being proportional to the level of customer satisfaction.

Based on this definition of quality, we would say that in the case of the web design market, we find the following product types:

Table - Types of Web Design 
Economy Line
Product Target Market Price Characteristics
Package People and microenterprises with a limited budget who simply want to have a website with no promotion less than $500 USD Economic services in package, design using templates
Conventional site Microenterprises who simply want to have a financial website without positioning $300 to $1,500 USD Economic, webpages with little content, Flash design usually
Robust Site Medium and large enterprises that need to publish an extensive website and are not willing to invest many resources in the project $1,000 to $3,000 USD Extensive content, HTML or Flash design, proprietary software
Shopping Site Businesses that want to sell a product on the Internet but are not willing to invest in a professional site $1,000 to $3,000 USD Medium to large, HTML or Flash design, proprietary software

Professional Line
Product Target Market Price Characteristics
Business Professional Site All types of individuals and companies looking to promote their products or services online and are willing to invest in a professional site $2,000 to $5,000 USD Good content, HTML design, best practices, search engine optimization
Online Catalog

Companies that want to promote on the internet different product lines and can easily keep an updated catalog $5,000 to $10,000 USD Extensive content, HTML design, non-commercial CMS (GPL), search engine optimization
Corporate Site

Medium and large businesses that require Internet to promote their brands and offer a quality online service over $20,000 USD Comprehensive Content, commercial CMS, SEO
Online Store All types of individuals and companies who want to promote and sell a product online through a virtual store $5,000 to $15,000 USD Medium to large, design in HTML, CMS and noncommercial Cart (GPL), search engine optimization

The procedure to determine correctly if the your company’s website is or is not a quality product, is to first know for what market the website that you purchased ins intended and then quantify how well the product meets the requirements of this market in particular, for which the evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

• Content
• Visual appearance
• Coding Standards
• Usability
• Response time
• Findability
• Easy maintenance
• Technology

Too often companies complain that the product purchased does not have the enough quality, but what actually happened is that they didn’t have sufficient budget to invest in a website that meets their requirements and ended up purchasing a website that, being cheaper and aimed to another market, was never going to meet business demands.

Even when we know that purchasing decisions should be based on a cost-benefit analysis, in practice most of the acquisitions of websites are made primarily based on price, regardless whether the product was designed especially for our type of business and requirements or not.

If you want to achieve the objectives of your project, select the type of website that corresponds to the requirements of your company, is quoted with web design agencies that offer this particular product type and select the best alternative based on the study of contributions and credentials of each of the suppliers, comparing always products within the same kind.

Most companies often quote different kinds of web sites with different design agencies and usually decide based on cost alone, not based on requirements and price, in the process mixing apples and oranges. Do not fall into this error, because the website that you purchase may not be exactly what your business needs.

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