August 18, 2010

How to Create The Best Website

How to Create The Best Website
When deciding to create a website we are often assailed by a doubt: how to design a website that is functional and successful? This article will tell you what things to look out for when you're trying to create a good website.

First, as the old saying mentions, the first impression is the one that counts and therefore the home page of a website must have a design that is attractive to the visitor but also provides sufficient information on the subject your site is about or the business it represents. To achieve that you do not need too many images or bright colors, just a good headline, brief explanatory paragraphs, and an image suitable for the subject, you’ll have more than enough for what you are looking for, since what a regular user wants when entering a website is speed and precision and not obsolete information that has nothing to do with what the user is looking for or the topic of interest.

Second, once the home page looks as it should, you must pay special attention to navigation, so that the passage from one page to another within the site is as simple as possible, ensuring that visitors always know where they are and where to go.

Taking into account that a website is a source based on two needs -to generate the purchase of a product or promote it to become known- then it is understandable that in deciding to create a website, the intention with which it is originally created defines its scope and depth.

If you were to sell a product from the first time users visit the site, the information provided is a key part of closing sales, which is often accompanied by a speech which is intended for sale. But if the intention is not to achieve an immediate sale, but - at least - to plant that intention in the reader, then it must offer compelling information that would work in favour of retaining the customer for the future. Contact information is a must when trying to do this so you can satisfy their need to purchase on future occasions.

In both cases the key is not only in what is said of the product on the body of writing, but also in the headline and the way this is drafted. Another element that can generate sales are the testimonies, as these are evidence of the effectiveness of the product being promoted.

Therefore, once the product starts selling, it is necessary to keep track of the initial customers to verify that the product has worked perfectly, so to ask for their opinion purely for commercial purposes. The promotion of a product - whether to publicize it or to generate a sale - should always be planned, and even more when you create a web page with either of these two intentions. Remember that every step you take must be secure and in advance.

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