August 26, 2010

Should You Hire A Web Designer? Think Twice. Here Some Things You Should Consider

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The Internet marketing consultancy is simply a way of implementing a strategy to ensure a return on investment in information technology.

Most entrepreneurs and executives agree that a website is a great need today to promote a business. However, one big problem is that those same people who see the Internet as a valuable global showcase rarely create a strategy around the design of their websites.

The first step is usually to contact a web designer. This is a fatal error. The vast majority of web designers are people of great talent, very creative, they can develop a website so beautiful that you will love it as it is shown for the first time. Delicious, yes, but lacking in strategy.

The problem is that these sites are often not effective because web designers are seldom able to help it meet its main objective which is to promote their products and services. For the same reason, they hardly know how to configure it to make sure, once published, that you are working for business purposes.

Web designers usually don’t know how to proceed with the optimization of websites to achieve search engine rankings and know very little about the strategies for generating traffic.

Sometimes, they design Websites so bright that none of our customers can use, either for being too slow (heavy) or very difficult to navigate (complex).

A consultant specializing in Internet marketing can help you develop a comprehensive strategy and work with your web designer to implement the necessary changes and optimize your website in order to achieve economic benefit, rather than just cost you money.

A professional website that helps your business generate more traffic and business opportunities can only be the product of collaboration between an interdisciplinary team consisting of marketers, communicators, specialists, web designers and SEO (search engine optimization).

Please do not leave in the hands of amateurs what only professional and skilled people can perform. When you need to generate and manage publicity for your business, use the services of a publicist, not to a printer. Similarly, in the case of Internet marketing, your company must hire a specialist to help you promote your products and services on the Internet, not a web designer, who usually is limited to design and program the site.

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.