October 1, 2010

Paying The Price Of The Novice When Web-Designing

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Many companies have to undergo the redesign of up to three or four websites before they understand what the success of a website is about.

One of the most unpleasant situations we can face in life is having to buy a product or service they we do not have the slightest idea of how to use it or how it works, because then we have the risk that someone may take advantage of our innocence or our limited knowledge on the subject. There are many examples: the purchase of a car, a stereo, a computer, a tennis racket, a beauty treatment, a weight reduction program, jewelry, a timeshare property, life insurance, a program holistic therapy and yes also, of course, the acquisition of a web page, which often ends up resulting like the promises of a political campaign.

Whether for lack of planning, not following the advice of a specialist or simply for being too innocent, in many cases we pay a price for the lack of experience. It seems as if mistakes and dealing with these adversities were the only way to learn to do things.

A high percentage of companies get the results they were after only after having developed three or four versions of their website. "Now we know exactly what we want" - the project leaders say when hiring a second redesign of the website and in some cases even until the third or fourth version. It is reasonable that after so many attempts they'd get the ideal site but by no means in a profitable way.

For some it is more difficult than others to justify a second investment project to redesign a website, so that the leaders of these projects must be very persuasive with the managers who make investment decisions based on numbers and convincing criteria. If your company has spent more than a few hundred dollars on a first draft that did not give the expected result, then its because they really have not yet made a real investment in a professional site ($2000 to $5000 on average investment) and that first expense should be considered as an investment in content development that can be used to redesign a second site.

It's OK to make mistakes. What is not justifiable in any way is not to learn from them. If you have already concluded that the first conventional webpage that you acquired did not fulfilled its commercial purposes, in your second draft focus more into it and send to hell all those crooks who want to sell you a conventional advertising brochure in HTML format, since a website is much more than that.

The most valuable knowledge you can get in exchange for paying the price of buying a conventional webpage is to learn that the printed advertising and web advertising are two quite different things, to understand that a website will inevitably require a means of promotion for your pages to be of public knowledge and to know that the best means of promotion are search engines like Google and Yahoo, whether you decide to make your website rankings through natural results or hiring a campaign of sponsored links (pay per click).

If you don't know how to differentiate what is search engine registration or search engine positioning, you will be easy prey for web design agencies and probably you will continue to pay the price of the novitiate. 

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