October 27, 2010

How To Meet The Goals And Objectives In A Business Project

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When you are making decisions about your business objectives, a good practice is to divide your main objective in several smaller goals that will make your bigger goal more attainable.

Our patterns of life, personal and business ones, are composed of a series of objectives. We want to succeed, be happy, live well, have a family, grow our business, export our products, etc. etc. But how do we achieve these goals? For some, the goals in their personal lives are met almost immediately, others may take several years. In regard to business objectives, they may need more effort and take longer to achieve.

As I said, when you are making decisions about your business objectives, a good practice is to divide your main objective in several smaller goals that will make your goal more attainable. Instead of setting only one annual fee, you can divide your target in monthly, weekly or even daily goals.

For example, if you provide some kind of service through maintenance contracts and your goal is to have an installed base of 1000 clients, your target for the first year could be 100 contracts. You will thus establish more achievable goals and go step by step. You will achieve more and will not be discouraged so easily when managing your business this way.

When you decide to start or expand your business, what you must do first is to create your business plan and what will be your main goal. Write it down. Then you will establish annual, monthly and weekly goals to meet the master business plan.

Do not forget that this process should established even daily goals, organize your time in blocks and define the goals of each block. A written agenda can help you run more activities on the day, to make better use of your time and feel less overworked.

Let me refer to the exercise of the stones and the vase, used very often on time management courses:

"To make sand, water, ten smaller stones, two large stones and five medium-sized stones enter all together into a vase, start first with the big stones, then the medium-sized ones, then the little ones and finally the sand. The water will be extremely easy to enter through the free spaces left". 

If you try to do this the other way around (starting with the water and letting the big stones for last), you'll find that at the end there will be no space for the big stones.

What this metaphor means is that you must first address the major issues at the beginning of the day, the issues most relevant to your business. Among them will be a place to meet other minor aspects.

Similarly, write down your weekly and monthly goals. Check them frequently to see if you are doing what is required. Take your plan as it is, a guide. Do not berate yourself if you do not comply to the letter with your business plan. Some goals take longer than you think. Planning is the key to carry a successful work program and feel that we are achieving our goals.

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