October 16, 2010

Website Technologies - Do You Inform Yourself Enough To Manage Your Own Business?

frog reading learningIn technology projects it is not enough just to know that there are certain techniques or tools, but you must have a precise knowledge of when and how to apply each of them in order to achieve satisfactory results in your online business.

It is surprising the number of answers that can be found on the Web on virtually any topic. Just visit any good website or enter a phrase into a search engine and immediately the document is there in your own personal computer available for you to read it.

But do we really have the habit of reading? In social and business circles is said that it's not the case, people do not have the healthy habit of reading. It is truly a shame, because on the Internet we can find a lot of information, and best of all, in many cases without costing us a penny. A couple of days for example, I read a short article on ten practical tips to hire better employees. After five minutes of reading I could integrate at least three highly effective techniques to my own recruitment and selection of staff strategy.

I've known people who have the habit to keep on their personal computer a long list of favorite sites, consisting of a series of links to documents discovered while browsing the Internet that look interesting and so they keep them for when there is a chance to read them. Also there's the case of those who like to print the documents, file them and have them ready for when they get those precious free minutes to read them. Unfortunately, in many cases they never get the time off they need and end up having to get rid of that long list of references and articles that at some point wish to have read.

Reading is a habit, and as such it is necessary to develop it. Experts say in the matter that a bad habit can be replaced by a good habit. So if you have the "good" habit of keeping a long list of "desirable" items, why not better develop the habit of allowing a short space of five minutes a day to read, rather than maintaining this extensive list of references?

It is necessary to further our habit of reading in all disciplines. As an example, the low rate of effectiveness of online marketing programs is due largely to lack of knowledge about key factors and best practices in web design.

Many of the answers to our questions we can find them on many websites, which can provide us with the necessary information to make better decisions (I hope that this Blog is in fact already helping you make better decisions). In fact, this is precisely the mission of websites: To communicate our message, disseminate human knowledge in all disciplines, to serve and unite the different social communities, education and business worldwide. But people do not like to read, at least not to the extent that is necessary.

As discussed above, a fairly common problem within the Internet industry is the widespread ignorance about the various web design techniques. If you surf the Internet looking for some tips on designing websites, you will surely find several articles on the subject. For example, one of the mistakes made most often is the misuse of graphic animation. "If you do not have anything to talk about, use Flash" argue web design experts as a critic. However, a significant percentage of websites are still being designed incorrectly in web animation. And this is mainly due to a lack of reading on the subject.

Another example that makes many webmasters a community without good reading habits is the quality of visits to websites.

After several years of entering these new technologies into our homes and businesses, we have succeeded in integrating a large community of users connected to the network, the growth rates are still spectacular and there are now thousands of sites and portals with very interesting content.

However, looking at quality and not only the volume of traffic, we can realize that people are not taking advantage of this valuable information available online. There is a high volume of traffic in the search for simple definitions, ie what is an organization, or functions of a company, even if we have at our disposal documents that can help us in such complex activities such as the structure plan business or an export plan.

How can we make the most of this endless source of human knowledge that is the web and use it to improve our business?

Well, if most of our business activity is to make decisions, then one of the most profitable ways to exploit this world of information is to integrate the web into our decision-making practices. We all know that one of the key factors for making good decisions is being informed. Particularly in relation to technology projects, as I said, it is not enough to know that there are certain techniques or tools, but must have a precise knowledge of when and how to apply each of them in order to achieve satisfactory results in our online business.

If you do not have the habit of reading, my best advice is to commit to work at it and try to achieve a proper balance in your reading material. A comprehensive source of publications such as books, manuals, technical literature, newspapers and magazines, can now integrate the web to expand your own knowledge and cultural heritage.

"Reading is absolute power. When you open a book or a website, you open a world of knowledge, fun and excitement. Join the scientists, poets and heroes in an exciting journey to visit other wonderful and mysterious worlds included within of the written word"

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.