November 10, 2010

Tips On How to Buy / Purchase A Website - PART 1

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The purchase of websites is not very different from the process of acquisition of other technologies, which essentially takes place in three stages: information, quotation and proposal selection.

This is PART 1 of this article, read PART 2 here

Buying technology has never been an easy task. Especially when it comes to acquiring technology that we have no previous experience on to help us make the right decision, such as Internet and websites.

If you were to purchase at this time a computer system, I’m sure it will be more or less easy for you to define an action plan to select the most suitable solution according to your requirements, and that the experience of nearly three decades of contact with hardware and software now allows you to quickly understand the benefits, scope and limitations of different offers on the market. You know of course that there are different kinds of information systems, some more complete than others, with varying degrees of functionality and integration and different scales of investment and of course your decision will be based on these criteria.

In the case of websites, if you do not yet have that previous experience you might have been basing your decisions in some way in a trial and error methodology. You try a strategy and if it does not work, you understand that the road is not around that and then test a second alternative. And so you continue to move towards a position that meets your requirements, but this method is time consuming and resource intensive.

In order that you can make decisions easier, here are some tips below to acquire the most appropriate solution to implement an online marketing business.

Buying a Website

The purchase of websites is not very different from the process of acquisition of other technologies such as information systems, telecommunications systems or a sophisticated audio / video for a boardroom. The process is carried out essentially in three stages: information, quotation and proposal selection.

You have probably conducted several bidding processes in your company for the purchase of various goods and services, so these three stages are not known for you. Particularly, the price and selection of proposals should not lead to further problems, since these are two activities that most entrepreneurs and executives have extensive experience on.

I’ve noticed that the stage not being properly cared for is information. Too often the leaders responsible for website projects are quick to apply design costs without having understood what this new technology is about. To a large extent, the poor performance of many online marketing projects are due to the managers and directors of the companies making a bad purchase decision for ignoring the most basic concepts about websites.

here I present what I consider the four basic concepts about these technologies that you must know in order to acquire a website for your business:

There are different qualities of websites

Although websites appear very similar to each other, the reality is that there are important differences between them. So as you can determine the quality of a computer system by reviewing it’s functionality, reliability and integrity of the applications, you can evaluate the quality of a website for its rapid deployment, functionality, content, graphic design, performance in different systems (Unix, Windows, Mac, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.), simplicity and ease of self-promotion.

Is the actual program code which in the end largely defines the quality of the website.

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.

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jodie said...

There are also options for template-based shared hosting for websites. Microsoft Office Live Small Business is an example – you get templates and design tools to help you create a website, hosted by MS. You don’t have to know code to build and there is an online community to help with questions, tips and demos. This link will give you more details:

Jodi E.
Microsoft SMB Outreach Team