November 11, 2010

Tips On How to Buy / Purchase A Website - PART 2

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The purchase of websites is not very different from the process of acquisition of other technologies, which essentially takes place in three stages: information, quotation and proposal selection.

There are several design techniques

Those who believe that web design is very simple and they think there is only one way of doing things, are misinformed. There are various web design techniques and is important to select the most appropriate one based on company requirements. Graphic design templates, for example, are practical and economical, but may not reflect the true picture of the company. Animations (Macromedia Flash) is an appropriate technique for the industries of entertainment, communication and training, but not for business sites that publish large text documents. Frames is a technique that facilitates the production of the website but somehow complicates the operation and promotion. The custom design is perhaps the best alternative for many businesses, but it must be taken into account that the project is usually a little more expensive.

There are different programming tools such as CGI, ASP, PHP, PERL, JSP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, VBSCRIPT, FLASH, HTML, XML, CSS and at least a hundred products to design, build, maintain and publish websites. Make sure your website will be encrypted using the best programming tool according to the purpose of your business project.

Do not forget website promotion

Suppose you design an advertising campaign using printed certificates. Someone will have to get them to the target market to make them be aware of the offer right? Similarly, websites require a system of promotion and it must be stated from the beginning of the project. The most common and most effective is the promotion via search engine positioning.

Positioning is not based on registering the website in five hundred search engines, nor making a list of one hundred search phrases and delivering them to the designer for registration. Positioning is a design technique and as such requires expertise from the developer of the website.

There are various techniques for positioning a website in search engines. Take special care with positioning services and the mass registration of companies that use techniques not supported and even penalized by the search engines.

Costs according to product quality

I don’t know the reason, but there are still people expecting to design their website virtually free.

You should be especially wary of offers of bundled services that offer free, or at a very low cost, design and hosting of your website with the purchase of other services such as advertising in yellow pages directories by industry, financial services and media communication, all between the more common offerings. More than any other industry, in web design you get a product according to what you paid for.

When bidding on a project you’re likely to receive quotations from $ 500 to $ 5,000 USD (sometimes the amount of investment is much higher, depending on the requirements and the size of the project). It is therefore important that you know that the cost differences are due primarily to the fact that the scope of each solution is not strictly the same, that the web design techniques can vary, and that therefore the final product quality will be very different between a proposal to another.

About the determination of the cost of the project, two final comments. One: It's hard to get a reliable number, close to reality, without having provided the web design agency for the minimum information required to quote a project. Two: Your online marketing program cost will be determined according to the specific requirements of your business. Assign an item in the budget according to the proposal selected, not on what had you considered as a possible investment.

How to facilitate the purchase process of a website

In general, I recommend a more responsive position throughout the process of purchasing a website for your business. There are many cases of people who are experts in Internet technologies and list their projects based on their own strategies, sometimes not exactly the most effective ones. In such cases, it is difficult for the web design agency to offer a comprehensive consulting and propose a strategy to deliver good results.

It's like when you build a house. One tells the needs of the project (number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of construction needs for living rooms and dining rooms, lighting, among other things) but the architect is who is responsible for the design of the project.

This receptive position will enable you to know as much about the the details as possible about the concept, design, operation, maintenance and promotion of websites.

Do not neglect the research phase. There's nothing like being well informed to make better decisions!

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