December 19, 2010

How To Design A Website For My Business

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Many are unaware that to be successful in Internet marketing campaign, search engine optimization is fundamental and to achieve this it is necessary to hire professional web design services.

Perhaps the biggest mistake still committed by SMEs when designing their website is to overlook that the real purpose is not itself a presence on the Internet, but rather to promote their business, which are two very different objectives. If you are in charge of the web project within your company, you should not be limited exclusively to contract the development of a website, but rather focus all your efforts in seeking a solution (design + positioning) to help you promote your company in the Internet and thus achieve much better results.

Look at it this way. The main reason why companies buy a website is because they want to promote their products and services over the Internet thus generating new business. The means by which potential customers can locate a website is through search engines, that’s why is it so important for our business website to appear listed in the top positions. Most people that have been involved in designing a website already know this. However, despite being in contact for several years with this technology, we still do not know yet what is actually search engine positioning and how it is achieved.

Search engine positioning is a web design technique and at the same time a complex process that takes several months to give the expected results. Search engine positioning is definitely only for a few. Not because the technology is not available to everyone, but because it is an expensive service and few companies are willing to invest the resources necessary to do so. Search engine positioning is a complex issue that can only be solved through a specialized web design.

If you are interested in the website of your business to appear in the top of natural results in major search engines, these services must be from a positioning specialized agency. But be careful not to fall into the trap of many that quote the design of their website with a positioning specialist agency and then compare this proposal with quotes from other agencies that provide conventional web design services that don’t include positioning.

Learn to differentiate between conventional web design services free from search engine positioning and services of professional web design that include a positioning strategy. Whether we’re talking about websites meant to promote products or to buy online, there's always different qualities. A website including search engine positioning can be on average three to five times more expensive than a conventional website, but also more profitable for the amount of business that can generate with the self-promotion system that was designed with.

I have no figures for the web design industry, but I can estimate that only one in a hundred websites involve some form of search engine optimization technique. Unfortunately, companies try to position their websites once they are already designed and when it is too late to apply any positioning strategy.

The main cause of the poor results in the promotion of Internet businesses is the lack of knowledge about search engine optimization and the second reason is the lack of budget to invest in professional web design. Your business can reap significant benefits by implementing a professional website that includes search engine optimization, but first you must invest in your project. Like other conventional means of promotion, in Internet, without investment, there can’t be positive results.

My best recommendation is that you implement a promotion system along with the design of your website. Below I present some of the most effective alternatives:

* Search Engine Positioning
* Sponsored Links (PPC)
* Directories specialized by industry
* Advertising through banners
* Advertising in traditional media
* Direct Marketing
* Email Marketing
* Viral Marketing
* Exchange links
* Print Advertising
* Business Email
*Publication of specialized articles

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