December 18, 2010

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Website

outsourcing men shaking hands
The outsourcing of design work, maintenance and positioning of your website can be a good alternative for your company to produce better results at lower cost.

Designing websites is not a simple matter as many people think, just ask the thousands of companies that have failed in recent years in trying to promote their products and services on the Internet. Experience has taught us that having a website and doing business online, are not exactly the same thing.

When a company decides to develop a website to promote their products and services and does not go to a marketing professional, it will depend entirely on the expertise of its staff and is very likely that in the process some mistakes will be committed. Among the most common errors encountered by businesses seeking to implement Internet marketing projects with internal resources, are the following:

• Naming the domain incorrectly
• Hosting the website on an unsuitable server
• Selecting the wrong technology
• Not applying the best practices in web design
• Developing the website using inappropriate standards
• Publishing irrelevant content
• Developing heavy web pages
• Implementing non-intuitive navigation menus
• Designing websites that are user-unfriendly
• Forgetting about web site promotion
• Failing to position the website in search engines

If the project is developed internally by the marketing area of the company, the graphic design of the website will surely be a matter of great importance and it should be as attractive as the promotion campaign in print and other advertisements that are developed by the creative staff. On the contrary, if the leadership of the project lies in the systems area, the website will probably be rich in skills and technical capabilities to facilitate the operation and administration. Unfortunately, in many of the projects is neglected the key role that must meet a website that is to promote products and services, which is accomplished primarily through search engine positioning. The optimum is to find a balance between these three components of web design as art, technology and positioning. None is more important than the other two and the lack of any of them can prevent your company achieve the expected results.

Outsourcing, as you probably already know, is hiring an outside firm to provide specialized services in areas that are not part of the key processes of the organization, enabling companies to focus on the fundamentals of their business. The web outsourcing allows companies to implement Internet marketing strategies without the need for new hires or distract human resources that are dedicated to the performance of higher-value activities such as management information systems of the company or more importantly, the sales and marketing functions.

Well focused, the outsourcing of websites can help solve many of the common problems of online marketing programs mentioned above, particularly the more acute conflict today that is the lack of proper promotion of websites . The addition of a specialist in website optimization can help your company to address one of the most critical issues in an online marketing program: the visibility of your website that makes your potential customers easily find through search engines the products and services your company offers.

Outsourcing of websites will provide this important benefits:

• Focus on core business

• Recruitment of specialized professional advice

• Access to resources not available internally

• Staying on the cutting edge technology without costly investments in recruitment and / or personal training

• Improve the quality and effectiveness of Internet marketing strategies

• Increased profitability through cost reductions and / or increased sales

• Free up resources for other purposes

Companies that try to do everything with their own resources tend to incur large costs of research, development and implementation. The lower cost structure of the external provider due to the economies of scale it gets, and the efficiency gained from specialization, reduce operating costs of the company by providing a clear competitive advantage. Generally, companies turn to outsourcing because they don’t have within their company the human resources needed for the promotion of major projects, such as Internet marketing strategies. It is a viable alternative to build the capacity they need, especially when the company decides to expand into other markets and needs the support of an effective Internet marketing campaign.

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