September 5, 2010

12 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself To Improve Your Online Sales

stand out in online business
Answer these questions in complete and absolute sincerity, because if you properly respond and apply what is stated here, your sales will increase to unexpected levels! 

Is your domain easy to remember?

Not always the name of your company is easy to remember, so as far as possible try to look for something that sounds loud, pronounceable, easy to remember and that involves something that you offer.

Do you generate actions on the Internet or elsewhere in order to attract your potential customers to your site?

The slogan is simple, if are not known you do not exist. Present your brand wherever it meets your target audience, both in and outside the Internet. Make events that generate word of mouth (to get people to talk about what you did), etc.

Are you selling features or benefits on your site?

Is your site a monologue of who you are, or actually provide some differential? Your prospective customers do not want to know who you are but want to know what you can do for them, what benefits can you offer to them. Focus on that and rethink your site .

What does your site have that the competition doesn’t?

Indeed are you different from your competition? Do you have a good positioning? Find what you can offer that others can’t, what you do better, faster, which do you give away that others don’t. Ask yourself these questions and work the answers on your site.

Do you analyze your site statistics to monitor the behavior of your consumers?

Many times when purchasing a site, a statistics service is requested, but ... Do you really use it? You know what’s working and what’s not? Check what links are seen the most, group your content into categories and monitor how your target audience reacts. Make the necessary changes accordingly.

Is your site is ready to catch the customer?

How to prevent your client from leaving without ever having been in contact with him/her? It's actually almost impossible for anyone to buy at the first visit, then your site must be prepared to capture customer loyalty and then make the purchase. Newsletters are the best choice to hold and retain your customers.

Do you have a list of potential customers?

If you perform well in the previous point, you have a list of customers, and some ways to increase your list are:

• Place popups on your site when entering and leaving.
• Provide a gift for users subscription.
• Let the registration form in the light of your potential customers.
• Make phone calls offering your service, be it positive or negative, invite them to subscribe to your list.
• Put a text to invite them to subscribe in the sign of your emails, etc.

Do you do surveys to find out what your potential customers want?

If you have a list of potential customers, you should use it to know more, ask them what they would like to be offered, what products or services do they need. Do not expect them to respond just like that, give them something in return, make a drawing, a prize, etc..

Do you measure the results of your advertising or even set objectives?

An advertising campaign without measuring its result is a lost cost. Do you pose objectives (certain % of return on investment, creating brand presence, etc) and measure their results to know what went well? What went wrong? What can improve?

Have you ever tried a consulting service?

Not everyone knows everything, that's no sin, be aware of when you have certain limitations. Make a budget, set objectives and consultation with a specialized entity that allows you to increase your sales, remember that there is a cost but it is an investment, everything is cost-effective.

Do you automate your work online?

Do you perform the same actions over and over again? Use that time to perform other tasks that allow you to increase your sales. In the network there are many tools that can meet your needs and automate work. If you do not find what you need, consult a company that can make that tool.

Do you combine your Internet and other advertising or use it as an isolated environment?

One site alone, is like sending a soldier to fight a war. Combine it with other advertising media (press, posters, banners, radio, etc) and make everything have a graphic and conceptual unity. You will have a wider scope and reach more customers.

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.