April 10, 2011

Market's Lack Is Your Business Base, So Brainstorm!

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To get an idea of business is necessary to be focused in everything we do in our daily lives. We must open our perspective in the way we see things and ask why this is what it is or how something could be done differently.

It is a complicated task but it is something that a five year old does constantly. Young children are wondering why things are as they are and how useful they are. Well, this is the beginning of a good business idea.

Now, how can we use this to make it into a real business? The answer could be to make a product from something we have been doing for some time, but we must focus on making a difference significant enough for the public to identify this increase in value in the product  and make them feel willing to pay for that difference.

I mean improvements we can see if we are in that market. We are all in various consumer markets. For example, someone who likes to bike along the mountain, might have thought about creating one of those bikes that came out a few years ago, with aluminum frame, very stable and lightweight. But that could cost up to 10 times more than a normal bike. That is, a race bicycle adapted to the mountain and to non-professionals, but for people willing to pay for a bike with professional performance.

So it's not about inventing something very complicated, like the telephone, but to see the needs of the market in which we are and take existing products into new needs. This way our ideas can become new business opportunities.

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