September 6, 2010

AdSense Section Targeting – Get Better Ads For Your Site And Make More Money

While AdSense is an automated system capable of detecting which ads are the most relevant on each of our websites, we can help it refine the publicity it displays by indicating where there is the content on which to base on and ignoring less relevant sections such as menus or external links.

The way of suggesting what content should AdSense read to target advertising is to mark the beginning and the end of the area we want it to be a priority with some HTML comments.

The operation and syntax is very simple and implies to include the following code inside the BODY tags of the HTML code of the website:

Once implemented this improvement, the process is not automatic and may take up to two weeks before the AdSense bots register this change and update the type of advertising, but it’ll gradually improve the results.

One warning. If there is little content between these tags is very possible that AdSense will display poorly targeted advertisements or public service announcements (free). Similarly if a "rogue" user tricks the robot by choosing keywords that would display more profitable ads, but not adequate, AdSense will consider that there’s an attempt to go against their policy of their agenda and may penalize or even expel that user.

As an example of operation of these labels, if implemented within each article, AdSense will see that what matters is the content of the article and not the rest of the page that is part of a common template.

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