October 3, 2010

Beware Of The Evil 'Sellers Of Dreams' To Protect Your Online Business

evil salesman
On the market there are too low profile offers that don't benefit companies at all, but are sold as if they were a great solution for online business.

Sellers of dreams say things like this:

"Losing twenty pounds in a week, or two sizes in a few days, or getting the ideal body or removing in minutes the stress generated by our daily routine, all this things have never been so easy to achieve. It is enough to invest a few dollars in equipment or treatments that, we must recognize it, do wonders to our body in a few hours. Never again the need to see a specialist to keep our bodies healthy and fit. The sellers of dreams are here to help, not only to care for and purify your body, but also to boost your business"

Through advertising spam (unsolicited mail) and spectacular sites on the Internet, these illusions vendors promise the best of the best in online promotion for your company, top positions in Google, more traffic, traffic, attract potential customers, increase sales and possibly some of them to commit to eliminating our competition. Services are offered in return for minimal investment or monthly fee.

If you do not have at least basic knowledge on Internet marketing, you're probably easy prey to these illusions vendors, who offer a wide range of services to ensure optimal results. Services such as:
• Registration with thousands of search engines
• First position in Google
• Attract qualified visitors
• Immediate results
• Increase sales

All this without changing even a single line of code on your website (like if they were those famous surgeons who can do surgery only with they mind, without using instruments). Or failing that, by inserting content that no one can ever see, well, except the truly curious. Or maybe linking your website with hundreds of other sites, many of them of dubious origin.

What is surprising is that the entire operation of these vendors make miracles in front of us, with our permission, taking advantage of that most people who contract their services are unaware of this:

• Registration in search engines is free
• Registration is not the same as position
• Your company does not require thousands of search engines
• With Google, Yahoo and Windows Live is more than enough
• Positioning practices are illegal
• Your website is inserted hidden content
• Your website is full of meaningless phrases
• Your site may be linked to porn sites
• You can not own your own domain
• Promoting of your site is hanging by a thread

Before using the services of a seller of dreams, do some more research about online marketing practices that are effective within an ethical framework and ask what techniques are applied in each service offer you evaluate. In this way, you'll make better decisions when hiring a web design agency.

Promoting your online business through web positioning in search engines is a complex process in which you will necessarily have to invest. To strengthen the muscles in your body, it takes hours of effort in the gym, not a belt with 2 AAA batteries that miraculously do the work.

Learn to identify early solutions from vendors of illusions and thus you will avoid many headaches.

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.