September 11, 2010

Article Marketing - Three Key Considerations Before You Publish Your Article

article marketing
One of the most effective techniques to drive traffic to your sites of interest and convert your visitors into potential customers is article marketing.

However, there are common errors committed through impulses to submit articles on the various directories that exist on the Web.

Let's look for the mistakes that can often be grouped in three main considerations:

1 - Promoting the articles with the reason of just writing them

The main benefit of writing an article is the creation of the signature of the author, which generates its promotion and promulgation on the web, thanks to it's effort to generate information. This is coupled with information on topics that are relevant and of interest to readers.

The writer must earn the trust, in order that when the reader finishes the article he/she selects the link posted on the signature, whether you want to sell a product / service or to get the user redirected to another webpage.

2 - Not optimizing the opportunities that the article has in marketing

The purpose of the article is to promote a link that has benefit to the author, but did you know that you can attract more visitors and get better results with the search engine content using the same article?

To achieve this it is necessary to provide the relevant keywords in strategic places in the article, bearing in mind that should not be exaggerated, a recommendation is to use the word or phrase with a frequency of 7-8 times in an article that contains at least 400 words, it is important to get them to appear in the title, first paragraph, in the last paragraph and 2-3 times in the middle paragraphs.

3 - Creation of articles with little relevant content for readers (poor content)

It is not right just to create an article with your signature with a link that readers can see from the various directories where the article was published, the most important thing is to build credibility to the visitor with a good content article that gives the reader confidence and makes him/her want to find out more about its author(you).

The benefits of an article with thousands of visitors that click on your link should be a sufficient incentive for you to begin to write an informative article with good quality.

The choice is totally yours on how you will spend time on your article to generate the desired benefits. Do not see it as an obstacle, there are many places where you can research a topic or you can even hire a writer, an option worth considering.

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