September 10, 2010

Improve Your SEO With Sitemaps

What is a SiteMap? Sitemaps are XML files with a standard structure that can show the structure and files from a website to search engines in a friendly way.

By default the search engines crawl our site by following links from the homepage when we submit this page to a search engine or if someone links it. In an ideal webpage, from the home page we would have links to other pages as they deepen in the navigation tree of the site and by doing a systematic tracking of the site it should be easy to understand the entire website structure.

When a search engine must make a crawl or index by brute force, which is the default system, it will be hard for it to get all information as also see which pages are most important, which are updated more, etc.. If we add to this problem that the search engine can get to our site not only from the homepage, but also from any backlinks that exists on another site, we can get an idea of how complicated everything is for search engines.
Thanks to the SiteMaps we can help search engines by indicating the structure of our website and the importance of the sections, among other data.

Search engines are grateful to get their work facilitated and they return the favor in the form of more pages crawled and additional information from the web with data on problems that are affecting the web tracking, performance data, errors, poorly linked pages, etc ... which ends up in better SEO results for your site since it has more pages included, better rated and with no errors.

Want to improve your SEO? Do not stop using the power of SiteMaps and see how it dramatically increases the number of pages of your company listed on search engines.

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