September 13, 2010

Creative Writing - 3 Easy Steps For Improving Your Articles

creative writing
Many amateur writers write for the sake of creative writing. While personal pleasure can create large amounts of irrelevant content, it does nothing to improve business prospects, improve the world, or move the audience into action.

So what is the purpose of writing large amounts of content, and how you can you change your presentations? Professional writers always have a goal in mind with everything they write: To transform their audience. The great writers strive to help their audience see the topics that deal with different eyes and act differently, changing the way they interact with the world.

Anyone can throw words to form complete sentences, but if you really want to have an impact through your writing, you should learn to write to produce a transformation on the reader. It's the difference between being merely informative or convincing and persuasive.

There are three simple steps to transformation creative writing:

1) Write for a specific audience.

2) Use the most appropriate framework.

3) Choose and implement the type of transformation (three).

1) Write for a specific audience.
 If you want to reach your audience, it is absolutely crucial that you understand that you must leave your own perspective and write in their perspective. One of the first things I do with every piece I write is to identify my target audience, themes such as age, gender, race / ethnicity, location, income level, purchasing habits, hobbies, talents, interests, etc.. When I know who I'm dealing with, I adapt and personalize the message that resonates specifically for their environment. For example, words like "revolutionary," "cutting edge", "fresh" or "fashionable" is more likely to resonate with an age group between 18-25 years, while the age group of 60-70 years is likely to have negative reactions to those words, and prefer words like "proven", "safe" and "sensitive."

2) Use the most appropriate framework.
To the place, I mean, the medium used to convey your message, such as magazines, newspapers, books, radio and television ads, blogs, websites, etc, the place you choose is largely determined by your audience.
For example, if I'm writing a long article on the monetary policy aimed at academics and economists, the best place is probably an academic journal.
On the other hand, if the content of your article is concise, simple, and is intended for a wide audience, perhaps a newspaper article will make sense.
Everyone is exposed to writing communications, that’s why most of us end up ignoring them, however, if that same message is presented in a more pleasant place for us, we are much more likely to spend the time to read it. Creative writing transformation requires the use of the best venue and audience for our theme.

3) Select and run the kind of transformation
There are three types of transformations: knowing, feeling and doing.
To your knowledge, creative writing transformation is intended to give readers the information arranged in a different way to help them learn and know things they did not know before, so demonstrating the changes in your life and your perspective.
A sense of transformation, of course, tries to evoke strong emotions in the audience, while one is not designed to have a specific audience, immediate and tangible for action.

For you if you're an amateur take a look at the following questions and try to answer them.

For professionals, focus in just one and go for it, since when doing it the others will automatically be made.

1 - How do you want to change the lives of people after reading your article?
2 - What would you like to see to occur in them?
3 - Do you want everyone to know, feel or do something with your writing?

Choose one, yes only one and execute it well, and let others do the rest for of themselves.

If you want your article to have an impact, actually, you must learn creative writing and writing for transforming.
Find out for whom it is written, use the right place to reach them, and choose the transformation method, after all, is worth reading transformation creative writing.
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