October 16, 2010

Is Designing a Great Website Enough For Your Online Business?

The simple answer is NO. To promote a product or service on the Internet, a website should necessarily have good exposure.

It turns out a major disappointment for many companies when they don't generate the amount of visits that the project leaders pledged at the outset as a major justification for investing in the design of a website.

For the vast majority of organizations, the main objective of having a website is to promote the products and services the company offers in order to encourage sales. However, very few are given the task of investigating how the online promotion system operates before investing in the website design, assuming that the website will somehow attract potential customers on it's own.

It is quite unfortunate but most companies realize too late, when the website is already completed and operational, that to achieve the level of exposure that they seek the website must necessarily be accompanied by additional means of promotion.

Having a website is not always enough. If we are looking to sell a product or service online, then we will require the help of a broadcast medium to give visibility to our website to make more and more people aware of our offer.

Most people, including you and me, use search engines in a daily basis to find the information we require. Surely there are thousands of sites trying to sell the product you are looking for, but only those that are listed at the top of search results are sites that we will actually visit.

Any advertising tool should be given maximum exposure. Magazines, for example, must be distributed and placed in strategic locations to the reader's hand. Billboards should not only be attractive but it is necessary to place them strategically. The radio and television spots are airing in the best times for a wider readership. The advertising brochures are useless they are in the hands of customers. Similarly, websites are not useful if they are not exposed to potential customers, nobody will visit your website if they don't know that our company exists.

In the specific case of websites, search engine optimization, along with sponsored links, are the most effective means of promoting a product or service on the Internet, so that a company should budget not only the cost of site design but also website's exposure.

The failure of many online marketing campaigns is due in large measure because most companies think that the website itself will help them reach more customers and limit the scope of the project to create a simple website forgetting entirely about promotion.

If you are looking for promotion and want to get good results, hire the search engine positioning service along with the website design agency. Do not make the mistake of first designing the site and months later trying to get search engine rankings and positioning because that way it'll be difficult to get the results you expect.

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