October 24, 2010

Effective Communication With Customers Can Improve Your Business

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Have you personally talked to a costumer lately? Probably not, and this might be hurting your business.

A high percentage of companies have implemented automation and communications through a voice mail application, in which an automatic operator serves as an auto attendant of your call through a menu selection.

Companies that have successfully implemented this type of service know that success depends largely on how easy is to their customers, suppliers and business partners, to communicate with the staff of the company, but our main objective is to establish communication with people, not a machine!

The solutions implemented to automate communication with business are varied, some very simple and others very sophisticated. A few days ago I contacted a company that in addition to the voice of the auto attendant, had very unique sound effects to let you interact with the options menu.

While there is a wide variety of solutions, there is one common denominator among companies that have successfully implemented the latest technology: All these companies have understood that what their customers and suppliers want is to communicate with staff, NOT a computer.

Undoubtedly there are important benefits to implementing a voice mail system in business, but for successful implementation of new technologies we must always ensure that our aim of service is met.

Yourself or people you designate as responsible for implementation should invest in the project. The technology must be guided to serve business purposes.

The same applies to websites

Communication technologies will eventually be part of your business. If you want to take after a successful implementation, invest in your project. Design your strategy thinking about what the visitor needs: Information for decision making. Note that the visitor wishes to obtain services and information for free.

In designing communication systems, always take into account the needs of your clients to communicate effectively with them. People like PERSONAL communication, so whatever means you choose, whether email, chat, video-chat, etc., always remember to make the customer feel you are there and that you are a real person who cares for what they have to say.

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