October 23, 2010

Customers Complaints Are Valuable To Your Business!

customer complaint
Customers who tell their complaints are giving you the opportunity to solve the problem, keep them as customers and improve your business products or services.

A little over a month ago I needed to purchase two pairs of slippers for my children. This time I decided to buy the products offered in a retail chain of prestige, rather than buying the slippers that I had traditionally been buying.

After one week, my five years was showing me surprised how the interior fabric of the slippers were beginning to loosen. A week after that he was complaining that the foam was wrinkled. At the end of three weeks it was impossible for my son to walk with them, so they ended concluding:

Dad, don't buy me these slippers again!

Oh! I'd wish I had entered the manufacturer's website and submitted at that moment my complaint about the product!

A dissatisfied customer can take one of the following four actions:

1. Remain silent.
2. Process your complaint to the authority.
3. Complain to a friend or someone who understands their anger.
4. Complain to you.

What action would you prefer your client to take?

Without doubt the best for your business is if the dissatisfied customer chooses to complain to you. In this way, you would be able to correct the mistakes and try to keep a customer.

Some companies have come to quantify that only one in fifty dissatisfied customers bothers to formally express their complaint, the other forty-nine simply turns to another brand. It's that simple.

A customer who complains is a favor to your business!

Customers that express their complaint will help you in some way to grow your business. They're giving you the opportunity to solve the problem and keep them as customers. They are also warning you of problems that can cost you sales with other clients or prospects, which you probably didn't have the slightest knowledge about.

Take advantage of available media to help your customers with this process. Design a special section within your website so that customers can easily express their complaints. Post this section on the homepage of your website and in all communications and advertising that you send to your customers.

Your customers often know better than you about the strengths and weaknesses of your products and services. Let them identify weaknesses in your company and tell you about it. Perhaps in the beginning this process may be uncomfortable, but you will forget about such nuisances as you take corrective action and see the benefits in your business.

Competition in the next decade will demand your company to improve its customer service processes. A website can collaborate effectively in the post-sale activities.

Oh, almost forgot to finish the story!

I expressed my complaint along with the return of the product and chose to continue buying the slippers that I had been buying in recent years. I don't know if the manufacturer of such dubious quality slippers have any idea of what is happening with their product.

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