October 22, 2010

What's Search Engine Positioning?

chess positioning
Internet users are always looking for information that meets their needs, which means that search engines have the responsibility of presenting a list of websites that meet this need for information. Here's where Search Engine Positioning becomes an essential part of your online business.

In our daily encounter with entrepreneurs, executives and business managers, we found a common denominator in order to have a place on the online market: "We want our website to help us generate new business opportunities. We want people to find us online, know our products and services, get interested and contact us".

With this in mind, they develop their website, publish their products and services, aim to incorporate sophisticated techniques of animation and graphic design that is visually attractive, make their hosting contract with any ISP and request their domain to be registered in the main search engines, hoping to get a significant amount of visits to the site.

Is it enough to be located on the Internet? The answer is NO, this is not enough to generate traffic.

We all know that it is important to appear in the top 30 websites in SERPs (search engine result pages) in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, among other search engines. The chances that your online business will be visited are dramatically reduced if your website does not appear within the first two or three pages of the list of search results.

Who determines that your company will appear at the 734th position, the 142th, or at the very first position in search engines?

The companies that provide the service of locating Internet webpages (search engines) have a special software that scans the content on the webpages of your business website and creates a series of keywords to index it based on the topics covered on the website. This software is the strictest visitor your business website may come across, which carries out its assessment focusing on the written word, because it ignores photography, images, sounds, animations, colors, and any other aspect of graphic design that you have incorporated into your website.

This reminds us the number one rule in online marketing: "Content is the most important thing". Visitors look for information that meets their needs. Search engines have the responsibility of presenting the user with lists of websites that meet this need for information. Hence your business website has to appear within the first pages of search engines, according to the search parameters set by the visitor, if the website has good content.

Be your own judge and do the following exercise to determine the search engines positioning that your website can achieve.

Study your website putting aside photography, pictures (some designers choose to present the text as images, therefore, that text is not taken into account by the search engines), animations, page counters, color and other aspects of graphic design. What is the result? Has your website any relevant information left for visitors to make the decision to purchase the products and services your company offers? Or what's left is simply "Copyright"?.

Many of the websites of starting companies lack the basic elements to compete for positioning in search engines. Nor have they any optimization for this purpose.

We must be aware of the importance of this issue. If your business website does not appear before the eyes of customers, your products and services will not have the opportunity to be evaluated, even if you have achieved an outstanding graphic design.

In the area of Internet, graphic design is not the most important element. The power of the written word continues to reign in this world of amazing technological advances. Optimizing websites for maximum search engine positioning is another specialization that requires a thorough process of development in this complex art of website design.

Search engine positioning is a website design technique aimed at creating websites that, rather than just being pleasing to the eye, generate new business opportunities for companies.


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