September 25, 2010

Is Your Website Visible Or Invisible To Search Engines?

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The visibility of your website in search engines is critical to meet your goal of promoting yourself in the Internet.

During the next five minutes, which is the average time it takes to read this article, most likely someone in another part of thie world will be trying to locate on the Internet some of the products or services your company already offers. Then ask yourself whether this potential customer will find or not the website that you created to promote your business.

Generally, companies design their web pages to look good, not to get their products to be easily found through search engines. This facility to be located, called by experts as search engine positioning, is what differentiates professional websites from conventional websites.

When buying a website for your company, the first thing you must define is if your business requires that visibility on the Internet. The purpose of the vast majority of web pages is to promote products and services of the company and boost sales, and to achieve this goal it requires the greatest possible exposure on the network.

Promotion is not free

An invisible web page without search engine rankings, is like a print advertising stored in your company archives, put away from the hands and eyes of potential customers, like an unpublished article.

For your business to generate more and better business opportunities on the Internet, your website must have visibility to be easily located through search engines for those potential customers that right now are unaware of the existence of your business.

When your business is promoted through a fair or exhibition, there are several costs to consider, such as the cost of a booth, advertising materials, business cards, displays, hostesses, hotel, transportation, meals, among other items . You will need to consider and cover all those costs, otherwise it could jeopardize the success of the event.

Like other advertising, Internet marketing requires an investment in a number of concepts such as domain registration, hosting, content production, photography, translations, corporate image design, communication, logos, web design, promotion, maintenance and dissemination. Such promotion or visibility on the Internet is not free, you have to pay for it. If you do not invest in promoting your website, it can hardly meet the objectives of the project.

Partial solutions

For no reason we should implement incomplete advertising strategies, but unfortunately many Internet marketing campaigns suffer from that disease. The problem is due to the lack of knowledge on the subject and the opportunity people are offered by many web design agencies to purchase cost-effective solutions, but limited.

You do not usually buy incomplete products. A car can operate without rear seats, no trunk or without the spare tire, but nobody buys a new vehicle without these additions. You will not participate in a fair without taking all necessary things for the event. So why the desire of implementing an Internet marketing campaign without hiring a SEO service?

The visibility makes a big difference between simply being 'there' or being able to really create business opportunities on the internet.

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