January 23, 2011

The 5 Basic Services For Implementing A Business Website – PART 2

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To effectively promote a product or service on the Internet you must hire five basic services. 

3. Website design

Web design is much more complex than a simple integration of digital images and texts, as many mistakenly perceive it. Your website is nothing more that the image of your business online, the business card of anyone who engages in a trade or profession. If you develop your website as you used to design your print advertising for your company, you will limit the scope of this new marketing channel. It is important that you know that graphic design advertising and web design, even though they have some things in common, are actually two very different promotional tools.

Do not surrender entirely to the experience and goodwill of your web designer. Be careful in your decisions, today there are many tools and ways of designing a website. In fact, as in many other industries, there are various types of web sites and also different qualities. Be sure to select the most suitable product for the purpose of your business. You probably will have to decide between buying a conventional website to have a presence only or acquire a professional website including search engine positioning.

As discussed above, the packages of website services are not always the best alternative. The opening of a domain and the implementation of a hosting service are purely technical tasks, while the design of your website must have a purely commercial and marketing-oriented approach. Bulk-services punish too much the scope of the design and promotion of the website in order to offer the market an attractive price.

4. Website Maintenance

Everything evolves over time and your business is no exception. It is very likely that you have to make some adjustments to your website every now an then due to product changes, ups and downs of personal contact, new distributors, news, events, technical information updates, news items, among other things. Frequency of service varies from company to company, as there are companies that require changes from week to week and others who review the content of their website once a year.

If your company has an extensive website and several people involved in its maintenance, you should consider the possibility that your website is developed using a content management system (CMS), so that maintenance work becomes easier and more expeditious and you do not have to rely on a web design agency for maintaining your website.

Before choosing the agency that is responsible for the web design project, carefully review the logistics and costs of carrying out future upgrades to your website after it has been published.

5. Website Promotion

Usually this is the issue where there is more the most confusion for companies that are implementing a website for the first time. Most people think that in order to effectively promote their products and services online it is enough to have the website alone and don’t know that it must have a means of distributing or promoting, whatever you call it, so that visitors arrive.

Not only is it necessary that your website has a nice design. For your site to be visited frequently and generate business opportunities (leads), potential customers should know that your website exists and it must be easily located. Although there are various forms of promotion, currently the most effective method is the positioning of websites in search engines, it is precisely through search engines that Internet users locate the products and services that they require.

Because search engine positioning is complex and people usually don’t know what it is and how it is achieved, most people end up implementing conventional websites that are simply useless to promote products and services online, which is tragic since the promotion of the business is in most cases the main goal of having a website.

Web services packages rarely include the promotion service. This is another reason for you to strongly consider hiring these five basic services separately, turning to specialized companies in registration, hosting, web design, maintenance and promotion of websites.

In practice, you really only need two providers: one to be responsible for web design, maintenance and promotion of your website and a second source for hosting. As for the registration of the domain, taking into account the importance of achieving the objectives of your online marketing campaign, you may want to put the management of the registration on the very agency that will design and promote the website.

Don’t forget promotion! It is very important to promote your products and services inside and outside the country!

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.

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