January 21, 2011

The 5 Basic Services For Implementing A Business Website – PART 1

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To effectively promote a product or service on the Internet you must hire five basic services. If you are to build a website to promote your business online, it is very important to know from the beginning which are the different services you should hire to effectively operate your website and make your company achieve the desired results.

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Many online companies offer packages that include all these services, however it wouldn’t do you any harm to know what services are covered, so you can decide freely if your company would want to hire them as a package with a single agency or individually by different vendors.

For most companies it is easier and more practical to acquire a package of services through a single vendor to be responsible for performing all the steps that are necessary to operate a website, however, I believe it is best to hire all these services separately because this way you will be sure to employ specialists in each field and therefore get better results.

So I present the five basic services that you should hire to successfully implement a website for your business:

1. Domain Registration

The first step to having an online presence is to register a domain. The domain name is like you Internet address (www.mycompany.com), through which potential customers will visit your website to get to know your range of products and services. Although it seems a very simple activity, the definition of the name, the domain category (.com,.net, org, .info, .name, .biz, .tv, .gov, .edu, etc.) and country code (.com.us. com.de. com.br. com.ws, etc.) is critical and must be carefully established based on the spin of the company, target market and availability of domain names.

It is very important that someone within your company acquires ownership of the domain for you to have total control over it. If you purchase a package of services and you’re not personally responsible for registering your domain, it is likely that this is under the control of a third person outside your company. Many of the problems in the administration of domains are because companies do not take that responsibility from the beginning.

2. Domain Hosting

For your website to be accessed by Internet users, in addition to the domain name, you must hire a hosting service (web hosting) through which your company will have a disk space within a web server connected to the Internet and also a number of personalized email accounts with your domain name (john.doe@mycompany.com), which you can assign to employees that require them. Currently, most web hosting providers offer 10 e-mail accounts.

Considering that the costs of hosting services are very similar between a supplier and another is very important that before making your decision you investigate how many email addresses you will have control over, disk capacity and bandwidth for website operation, infrastructure, capacity, redundancy (having more than one computer in operation in case of failure), support hours, supporting means, if the provider has a support center, location where the servers are located and ideally heard testimony from customers about the service. Note that virtually the same is charged by a company with a modest site than companies that operate nationally and have a modern IDC (Internet Data Center).

In summary, a hosting service should provide good response time when accessing the website, managing e-mail without a hitch, backup, reliable traffic statistics, FTP access and a support center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days year.

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