November 5, 2010

Search Engine Positioning - The Fifth Element

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Learn what makes some businesses succeed and others fail in their online marketing campaigns.

If you plan to promote your products and services online, you then have to hire the following five basic services: domain registration, web hosting, web design, maintenance and search engine positioning. In addition to these, it may be necessary to hire other services such as image and logo design, communications consulting, product photography and translation facilities if you require your website to publish in other foreign languages aside from english.

Usually companies hire exclusively the first four services, ie they register a domain, work on website design and hosting service and months later they get into the task of maintaining the website, updating webpages with the recent developments of new products. I don't know the reason, but they seldom care to bring their project to the fifth element, the diffusion of the website, which is a fundamental part of the formula for promoting a business online.

This fifth element comes to life mainly through search engine positioning. Marketing experts say that if a company does not see you on the Internet, ie you can not find through search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN Search, it's as if you do not exist. Please take advantage of search engines to give you Internet presence for your business.

Search engine positioning is the most effective and least expensive way to promote a website online. Search engine positioning is not an option but rather a necessity for anyone looking to promote their online business. About 85% of initial visits to a website are originated from search engines, hence the need to appear at the top in the list of search results.

I'm amazed that more than fifteen years of commercial use of Internet (world wide web was released in 1992), companies still wonder why it is necessary to promote a website through search engines. The promotion is necessary because it attracts potential customers to your website and expands the horizon of your market, which helps to generate more business opportunities for your company. The search engine promotion helps you increase the visibility of your website on the Internet. If someone is trying to locate in these search engines the products or services your company offers, it is highly desirable for them to come to your website. To question this is the same as doubting the need to promote a business. Nobody will buy your products or services if they're not properly market and established in the appropriate marketing channels. Search engine positioning is important because it will attract potential customers to your website, people who are interested in your products and services, period.

Search engine positioning sounds simple and many people associate it with a simple registration, however it is a complex process, exposed to constant change, and involves avoiding a number of pitfalls that can prevent the long-term success of a website. This, coupled with the misinformation that exists between employers and executives on this issue is causing most companies spend too much time and resources to produce, at best, minimal results.

Website optimization to ensure search engine positioning is not just adding meta tags to pages and register your website in thousands of search engines. Search engine positioning is a development methodology that incorporates the critical design elements used by search engines determine which pages are listed at the top of the results. Is a combination of art and science that requires both technical and creative expertise, is the result of a thorough marketing strategy and website optimization. Being objective, search engine positioning is not just a matter of increasing traffic, more visitors means more opportunities to generate more business.

Although the cost of this fifth element of your online marketing campaign is in addition to the fee to be paid for the development of the website, for sites that require positioning the return on investment (ROI) is excellent.


About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.


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