April 6, 2011

Website Design Quote - Investing is The Key

Many companies intend to produce a return of investment on the website without actually investing in the project.

Without going into the field of sophisticated accounting and financial terms, the difference between spending and investment is that although in both cases there is a disbursement of money, in the first case it produces no output, while in a investment it does.

When investing in a website, the site is expected to generate traffic and interest in products and services, new business opportunities, brand positioning and finally it will lead to an increase in sales, what would mean of course economic benefit for the company. However, in recent years companies have wanted to produce a performance without actually investing in the project. In general, it is impossible to meet the needs of customers with a document of five pages and a budget for website design of a few hundred dollars.

In many countries people have not yet been able to understand that Internet presence alone is not enough to do business. 

To succeed on the Internet our website must...

1. Be designed based on customer needs.

2. Exceed the expectations of our visitors.

3. Contain as much information about the application, use, benefits, installation and / or maintenance of the products and services we offer.

4. Have all the sufficient information to enable the client to make decisions.

5. Present information in a quick, readable way, according to a conventional distribution and a proper navigation.

6. Be graphically appealing, without exceeding the reasonable time limits for the deployment of web pages.

7. Present an identity that is a reflection of the company itself.

8. Communicate the business message in the language of target market.

9. Convince, through the pages, that our products and business services represent the best alternative in the industry.

10. Have visibility, that is, the website must be able to be found relatively easily through search engines.

Set a realistic budget

Having presence on the Web does not necessarily mean that the website automatically meets the above requirements. To get the maximum benefit you’re your online marketing program, you do not only need to allocate financial resources that are needed according to the size and scope of the project, but it is also necessary that the team responsible for the design and implementation of the website is up to commit to the project to achieve the expected results.

By ignoring the key factors of successful Internet marketing campaigns, many companies have developed their websites at home or have hired consultants with little experience, whose goal is simply that the customer has an Internet presence. In general the results have been bad in these cases, namely a few visits from new prospects, limited opportunities for new business and very little trust between managers and employees on your website.

Among the main reasons why companies do not invest in a website and set a budget, there are the following:

1. Ignorance of the key factors for the success of online marketing campaigns.

2. Lack of a leader or group that drives these technologies within the organization.

3. Preservation of the power and corporate policies that prevent the introduction of these technologies to the organization.

4. Centralization and bureaucracy in decision making.

5. Lack of knowledge and experience in Internet technologies.

6. Low level of culture on information technology.

7. Hermetic attitude and / or resistance to change.

8. Analysis and selection of offers based on cost alone, not based on a study of cost effectiveness.

9. Improper procedure for selecting suppliers.

10. Economic recession and / or limited budget.

This can give us a full explanation of why the poor results in many online marketing campaigns and why these companies feel now as money thrown away what was initially conceived as an important investment in advertising and marketing.

The most important difference between a professional website and a conventional one is the technology that is built on, the design standards and search engine positioning. Positioning is complex and sometimes elusive. Contrary to what many people think, not every website can be positioned on search engines, only those sites that meet certain standards. For this reason is that professional websites are not economical. Period.

I wonder how much longer people will continue to waste the benefits of these new technologies. As always, you have now the decision in your hands. Do not waste more time and resources implementing one of those websites that will just give you presence. Decide to invest in an Internet project that will produce the results you and your team are trying to reach.

Investing, rather than spending, is the key to success.

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.