December 16, 2010

Why Isn’t Search Engine Positioning Cheap?

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Most people have a misconception of what search engine positioning is and that’s why most people are not yet prepared to invest in what today is the most effective means of promotion online.

The great failures of many strategies for promoting Internet businesses are because most people do not know what search engine positioning is and how it works. Many think that it’s a simple registry and that positioning is a natural consequence of publishing a website. Seriously mistaken are those who think that search engine positioning is something easy to achieve with minimal effort.

Although you probably already know, let's start by explaining what web positioning is meant for. Some entrepreneurs and managers still think that simply publishing a website is sufficient to promote a business globally, but in fact what allows us to promote our products and services is not the website itself but a means of promotion that you use to make that other people or potential customers, know your range of products and services, in this case the position in natural results. If your products can not be located through search engines, people will not know your business exists, however exquisitely designed your website is. That is precisely the search engine optimization/positioning, a service offered by a search engine optimization specialist who focuses on how to make your website to be located through search engines and appear at the top of search results.

Internet Marketing Strategies

More than a simple registration, search engine positioning is a marketing strategy that is established after studying each of the factors that influence the position that can be achieved by a certain website in the natural results that search engines show. For this, a careful analysis of the target market needs to be done to know who will run the promotion, where potential customers are located, what competition is currently on the web and how you intend to communicate the range of products and services. After analyzing the environment, then a marketing strategy is proposed, one that covers various concepts such as production and content management platform and development standards, key phrases, language, domain name, criteria for site hosting, promotion strategy, online media strategy and operational criteria, main items of an Internet marketing plan.

Search engine positioning is a very complex issue in which you can easily make mistakes, deficiencies that can severely affect the results of the online marketing campaign. Only a specialist can identified early the potential risks and propose appropriate action in each case. For example, your company could be more than pleased to be positioned on the first page of search results, the problem is to go with a search phrase that in practice no one uses. Or maybe your company is positioned with the appropriate phrases, but not listed as a potential customer conducts a search by country. Of course the most critical case is when your website was not designed with the appropriate standards and attempts to reach the position through black-hat actions and unethical practices.

Search engine specialists knows very well how to properly handle relevant factors and popularity, based on different search engines to determine the positions of their websites, and know what to do at each stage of the positioning process, from initial design of the site until the maturation stage of it, especially during the stage of passing through "the sandbox"(which is like a non-written probation period that lasts about 4-6 months in which search engines decide whether your website is valuable and legit or not).

Different services with different costs

As you can see, search engine positioning is a complex matter and can only be achieved through a professional web design. There are many activities that must be done to attain the position you want for your business and that is why this service requires a greater investment than conventional web design offered by most agencies that does not include promoting the website. In fact, they are different products. My best recommendation is that you learn to differentiate these two products, as there are many agencies that, without being specialists, dare to offer a positioning service. The problem is that if we do not know the subject, we can be easily deceived.

Search engine positioning is the driving force to promote your business online. If you want to facilitate the implementation of your sales program, you must invest not only in the design of your website, but also in promoting it, so that in this way potential customers can locate your business online, visit your website and generate the business opportunities you are looking for.

In summary, in order to promote your business online you must be willing to invest in a promotion system, and an essential part of this publicity is precisely search engine positioning.

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