January 15, 2011

Search Engine Optimization - A More Financial Than Technological Subject

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Many companies still do not know how to position their websites and have also not allocated sufficient resources to do so.

The positioning of websites in search engines is a relatively new thing, since almost a couple of years up to now companies have begun to seriously worry about promoting their websites online. Still about five years ago, many entrepreneurs and managers doubted that a website could help effectively to promote their products and services, so their advertising and promotional budgets were intended rather to other marketing campaigns in traditional media such as brochures and yellow pages.

Today, companies recognize the importance of being alive on the Internet to achieve the overall business objectives and begin gradually to get more interested in issues relating to websites and marketing strategies characteristic of this modern communication system. From micro to large corporations, many companies have a website, although in some cases it’s a very basic site with little content involved.

We can easily identify the stages that have gone through this process of integration of Internet technologies with business processes and business operations.

We have a first phase in which the technology is presented and only the visionary companies risk and decide to adopt this new technology.

A second stage in which e-mail and websites begin to play an important role in businesses, creating new standards and technology is adopted virtually on the entire business community for its important advantages.

The third and dramatic phase of disenchantment, in which companies find out that the Internet is not the panacea to get rich overnight and that to succeed, the business plans to sell products through an online store should take into consideration other traditional market factors and not just implement a shopping cart.

And finally, a fourth stage in which companies, having experienced a series of ups and downs, many of them not exactly pleasant, have realized that websites themselves are not effective in generating more business in and outside the country, but that the formula must include a promotional element.

Indeed, in addition to those new terms such as the Internet, web, email, web pages, sites, hosting, bandwidth, e-commerce, online stores and portals, entrepreneurs and managers are beginning to integrate its corporate slang words such as other visits, traffic, statistics, position, promotion, search engines and of course, the term most recently quoted in the business community is positioning the web. Everyone wants to be on search engines like Google and Yahoo, but not just to be there, but want to be in top positions, preferably in the top of results lists. Search engine optimization is just that, a promotion strategy that aims to put a website within the first places in the results that are shown in search engines. Generally, once designed the website, companies seek immediate placement.

Having the purpose of your website to be the first to appear in search results of the major search engines is not a bad idea, criticism in any case is how you are trying to achieve this goal. Generally, companies are searching for easy, practical and economic ways. They simply find an agency that knows how to register your site in search engines and hope that this service is relatively inexpensive. Never goes through their mind that the position is actually a far more complex than a simple registration. Regarding search engine optimization, entrepreneurs and managers want to know only one thing: the cost of service. They’re usually not interested to know what this service is and rarely have any questions regarding how to position a website, or if there are alternatives. They go straight to ask the price, probably after believing that the actions involving this work are not complex.

Everyone wants to be in the top positions but few are willing to pay what it's worth the service, so the position is reserved for the moment only for those companies wishing to do things right in their online marketing campaigns and are willing to invest in the project resources as necessary. One might think that the problem of positioning is reduced to the lack of a technological culture and the limited experience in this field, however they are not the only cause. In practice, very few companies have a large budget to invest in designing and promoting a website. In most cases, the budget is reduced to a few hundreds of dollars and the potential to increase this budget is minimal.

Web design techniques and best practices for the positioning of websites in search engines can be learned through specialized courses in this field. This technology is available to any web design engineer who wishes to prepare in the use and application of positioning techniques. However, web design agencies do not specialize in these techniques of search engine rankings until companies decide to invest in projects and to pay what this service really costs. For this reason, the vast majority of search engine optimization services currently offered are ineffective. The solutions proposed are just like prescribing a painkiller when what it really required is major surgery. Companies are getting a service equivalent to what they are paying no more or less, and usually are not being satisfied with the results obtained, since the majority of entrepreneurs and executives expect their websites to be listed in the first positions and this is not going to occur if they don’t pay the right amount for it.

Search engine optimization is quite complicated, much more complex than people imagine, so companies won’t begin to get better results until they accept that search engine optimization is not easy to achieve, that they have to invest and hire the services of a specialist firm and, most importantly, follow the recommendations to the letter. That's all it takes to be in the top positions in Google.

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