January 3, 2011

Internet Home Sales - Where To Sell Properties Online

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As in the case of websites of employment and auto sales, the volume of job postings is key to a site devoted to online properties sales or rent to be truly effective.

For years, property owners had to pay high real estate commissions to sell their properties. If you need to sell a house, there are many sites on the Internet that allow you to quickly and easily create an ad in minutes to promote your property. The sale of properties in this way is increasing as more and more people use the Internet to market their goods, as a cheaper alternative compared to the fees demanded by real state agents.

However, despite the amazing advances in technology for real estate websites, such as virtual tours, Google maps to locate the exact site, blogs, video and even other external sources such as YouTube.com, I think we are still far from seeing a person use their credit card or debit card to buy a home on the Internet, but we’re very close to see people using this payment method to make the initial deposit online through the site and close in this way the deal.

We must then make a clear distinction between what is to sell and promote a property online. Even with all the technological advances offered by this new medium, to buy a home you’re forced to visit it, meet physically, to perceive its areas and examine each of its features, so you can determine how much it meets your needs, tastes and personal whims. To buy a house, you must first fall in love with it and, excuse me gentlemen who love technology, but the love affair can not be virtual in this case.

Once this distinction is clearly established, I can then point out that yes, indeed, the Internet is a great way to promote the sale and rental of all types of real estate, including homes, land, apartments, beach houses, farms, ranches, commercial buildings, condominiums, offices, halls, hotels, shopping centers, warehouses, factories, and other types of real estate.

When you realize that in online sales sites for new and used products, such as eBay.com, the owners build full websites to put on items with prices starting at three dollars, I find it amazing that people do not want to take advantage of the Internet to sell or rent a property that far exceeds the market value of most products displayed on this type of sale and auction sites.

Key Factors

The promotion and sale of real estate on the Internet is a reality evidenced by the hundred of thousands of websites that exist for property promotion. However, we must be very cautious as not all of them will help you promote your property in an effective manner. For example, for sites that offer free classified ads, their main objective is to sell advertising through the site and not just promote your property, using your ad as bait to attract visitors, lead to other sites and thereby obtain a commission.

For a website to be helpful in the selling your property, it must fulfill three essential characteristics:

1. High Volume (number of properties)
2. Great visibility (ease of location in search engines)
3. Excellent Traffic (visits)

To promote the sale of your property, you should use a website that is popular, reliable people knows and recommends it, that has good traffic, a large volume of properties and, importantly, that can be located through the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Windows Live. This combination is what makes a site leader in the sector and is what allows you as an owner to promote your home or land on the Internet in an effective way and get results in a shorter period.

Increase volume of offers

Visibility and traffic are two technical issues that are the responsibility of a SEO specialist, who will design the website so that your property is easily located through search engines and thus generates as much potential visitors as possible (potential buyers, tenants, clients).

However, this technologically perfect machine will not work without sufficient material, I mean, the property you are trying to sell or rent. The volume is a critical factor in this type of business online. The greater the number of job postings, the greater the interest of people to visit the site, the greater the chances of finding the right property for each client and the greater the likelihood that the site will become an excellent alternative for homeowners and buyers and, of course, a business for the promoter.

Is the volume, security and ease what has made successful sites like eBay.com, because visitors know that they’ll find what they are looking for in a commercially acceptable price and that's why they’ll probably return for a second or third purchase.

A commitment

If you want to have the services of this type of real estate-specific sites on the Internet, as owners we must begin by understanding that the promotion of our home or land will require dedication, a little time and resources, that you’ll have to concentrate detailed information of the property, preparing photos and building a short notice or at least provide the webmaster all the information required.

Strangely enough, a typical seller at eBay.com spends more time designing his/her ad to sell a product that is offered at $ 3.00 USD, that the average time a person devotes to prepare an advertisement to promote their home online. In general, people are still accustomed to work with the minimum effort, so that traditionally do not devote enough time to gather the complete information of the property and also seek the services which are free if possible.

If we really want to start seeing such specialized sites to sell or rent our properties, we must get used to using them to generate the greatest volume of online offerings and promote this sector for the benefit of our pockets.

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.