August 31, 2010

Do People Trust Your Marketing Strategies? 5 Ways To Make It Happen

marketing strategies
One of the biggest problems of Internet is that many people still do not trust the Web. All new forms of communication had problems in its infancy.

When the phone appeared many people came to think that this type of communication could come to produce health problems.

The first radio stations alarmed the governments when they realized that the radio was a tool that was beyond their control.

Internet is having the same problems. When consulting the general public which is the reason why its low utilization and no further purchases on-line, many of them admit they fear the new technology. 

Of course, in most cases, they are afraid of new, and this will gradually fade. Here I will show five ideas, very powerful, which are necessary to bear in mind for your customers to trust your marketing strategies.

1. Tell things about you.

Include this in all actions on-line. The public wants to know who is behind the advertising brochures, websites, ant the products and services you offer. Do not be modest. Give your visitors all the details of your company and your business. Even from its beginnings as a company. Let your visitors know why you do what you do. Provide marketing communication within a human touch. When your prospective customers feel they know you, then they will trust you.

2. Include full details of what you offer.

Do not expect the audience to guess what you sell. Before going on five pages on your site visitors will leave the site if they think you are trying to confuse them or keep something from them. Tell people right from the start what you sell.

3. Stay away from the cliches of classical marketing.

Use the new communication systems over the Internet. Remember that communication costs by using Internet marketing strategies will also be much cheaper to get a faster response volume.

4. Include safeguards to reduce the risk of purchase.

A money back guarantee of 30 days is a good tool for your visitors to trust you, even some business on-line offer guarantees of 60 days or even a year. It is easier to rely on companies who ensure their products and services for a long period. Also be sure to reflect the right to cancel purchase, that is, the possibility of returning the product after 7 days of purchase.

5. Support sales with traditional tools.

Include phone number, mailing address and the name of the main members of your company. This will tell your customers that your company is "real" and will increase confidence in the website. Also add the updates of the applicable laws of the consumer.

Finally, few things are as valuable in a business like consumer’s confidence. One of the reasons why big brands are so important: their names, products and services are known and inspire consumer confidence.

About the Blog Author: Timpa has the mission of providing all entrepreneurs, whether experiencied or not in online business strategies, with the right information to help them manage their businesses online in the best, most time-effective and cost-effective, smarter way.