September 27, 2010

6 Questions About Viral Marketing You Need To Ask Yourself

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What do we mean by Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing includes those actions that are intended to be transmitted from the recipient to your circle of influence by the same message recipient. This is about getting the message being transmitted from one person to your contacts like a virus, hence the name of viral marketing.

The goal is to create advertising pieces to reach a trigger, interest and involvement level in the recipient so that the person looks pushed forward to resend it to the acquaintances, because of the need to share that message because of their involvement, fun, surprise, etc.

What are the ways of doing Viral Marketing?

Actually all online marketing efforts seek to have a degree of viral media and to activate group discussion to increase the visibility.

The advantage of the Internet is almost immediate and low cost communication among Internet users, which normally favors e-mail forwarding of the advertising piece.

Perhaps the closest actions to viral marketing are those concerning the viral 'guerrilla' marketing, so for example, messages in forums and news seeking to resonate with a devoted audience for the expertise on the message sent and use these individuals as opinion leaders in their respective circles of influence.

What are the benefits for anyone with this type of campaign?:  Advantages over other ways of marketing.

Normally we must pay a lot for each contact we want to impact with our advertising message and even impact individuals who are not our target audience and this is what we want to avoid in the viral marketing, we seek to the intended recipient to be the one who acts in conveying the message to others, while seeking to legitimize the message, a syrup by the sender that sends it to his circle of influence as a target, giving it a halo of importance that goes beyond the mere commercial message forwarding of a company.

At a purely numerical level, really the 'contagion' caused by a viral marketing campaign generates exponential results with each new contact, imagine that on average each person receiving our message forwards it to 5 contacts and so on, and do numbers ... Consider that if a message is sent via e-mail to a database outside the company, we only pay for the initial contacts, further forwarding each of these individuals to their contacts for the company is free , hence the special quality of these shares and if so, add the comment that the message is sent by an acquaintance, is legitimized and loses its whiff of commercial interest, which will make our stock into something just great by adding visibility and involvement.

Are campaigns more suitable for large companies or can SMEs, the small businessmen, benefit? Do you know of SMEs that have carried out this?

There is really no obstacle in developing this type of action depending on the size of the company, and the vast majority of companies in the network are SMEs, being them the most dynamic ones, the ones which hold all types of Internet marketing actions, and viral marketing is just one of them. We even find the extreme example of a couple who run their own shirt designs and sells them over the Internet and became known through a free viral marketing campaign on various blogs.

Is your cost high for the needs of SMEs?

Creating an Internet marketing campaign or a memorable piece of advertising is not expensive, it is simply difficult given the large number of advertising impacts the conventional user receives daily.

What should small business owners who want to develop this type of campaign do? Who can they go to?

Logically, it is a marketing or advertising on the Internet agency who is better equipped to advise the employer about the wisdom of such actions and their potential. The ideal thing, as I said at the beginning of the article, is to provide all our advertising campaigns with some degree of viral media.

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