April 12, 2011

Consulting A Specialist In Web Design Is Not Always Easy

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Consulting a specialist is not always a comfortable exercise for us, especially when it comes to matters having to do with technology.

Discussing our views and strategies with a specialist is not always a comfortable exercise for the person involved, especially when it comes to matters having to do with technology. Although it is difficult to believe, Web design consultants face special problems when attempting to successfully implement a good Internet marketing campaign, perhaps largely because of the lack of technological culture in some countries. Whether it's a disease, a problem with our car or, for that matter, Web page design, diagnosis and recommendations issued by a specialist are sometimes difficult to accept.

One of the most common reasons why many companies make contact with web design firms is due to having e their websites are not fulfilling the advocacy role for which they were created. They communicate with one goal in mind: to make their websites easily located through search engines.

When requesting a service of search engine positioning, entrepreneurs and managers generally expect a reply with the following three attributes: it is effective, simple and low cost. However, in many cases the diagnosis made by an agency, an Internet marketing specialist, broke with that hope, because the solution is another effective one, but not simple or inexpensive as customer expectations, and that in most cases the specialist will recommend a total redesign of the site.

A couple of weeks ago, for example, and this happens every day more often, we heard the story of a company that manufactures and markets various products for the construction industry. They had a few months after it released its website page, had already found that very few people went through their site and tried to position their website simply by hiring a positioning service. I can not describe the trouble so much of this executive when he was informed that his site, which had he invested significant resources on, had to be completely redesigned in order to achieve its goal of generating new business opportunities through its website.

In an effort to salvage some return on investment has been done on designing websites, these companies will surely try various strategies suggested by some inexperienced consultants. However, efforts in most cases will be virtually useless and the executives eventually end up accepting that their website is poorly done, or not be so drastic, it was not designed with the aim of promoting the products and services through the search engine rankings.

To make matters worse, the environment is complicated when they come on the scene who have been named as the party of "the rough", pseudo-experts in Internet marketing techniques low profile all they do is confuse employers and managers. Them, "the tough", pose economic but very ineffective solutions such as logging and frequent massive search engines, lists of 500 parameters, exchange links, white text on white background, rich doorway pages and other technical parameters not endorsed by search engines. On the other side are "technicians", those agencies that can offer a higher rate of effectiveness in online marketing campaigns, companies with expertise in technology and project management, which have been given the task of specializing in this very complex field of search engine positioning.

There is a more effective way of doing things well on the Internet. Some are taking up the recommendation on time, based on learning other costly failures of their campaigns.

My advice is to pay attention to the experts in web design before making your decisions, although sometimes their recommendations are not precisely what you want to hear.

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