August 14, 2010

Fear Of Internet Business - How to be Succesful in Online Businesses and Life

make money online and be succesful in life
Fear is contrary to FAITH. Fear is the reason why many people do not achieve their goals of having a full and happy life making money online.

There is no worse situation that to face anything in life, fearing all the things that might occur if you do not succeed.

Unfortunately, many do not realize that when they take action with fear, the consequences envisaged by those fears eventually end up manifesting.

This is explained if we know how the universe works and influence us all.

Our mind interacts with the universe and gives us or manifests in our lives whatever we think or say.

If we THINK we'll have FAILURES, either by different aspects such as not making money, not getting customers, not having a good product, not being too experienced, being too old or still very young, and so on, surely we WILL FAIL.

"Fear attracts what you are trying to avoid"

Why does this happen?

Our thoughts have a great power both on our minds as well as on our body.

Are there not psychosomatic people? People who persist in having thoughts of disease, depression, disability of its person, and constant self-destructive thoughts that end up undermining the mind and body.

Those who are not afraid, or have faith, they see opportunities in problems and, in failure, something they did not know and should learn. These people who persevere, overcome their fears and they ALWAYS become successful.

The universe and the forces that govern it are not only the physical ones like the law of gravity. It's been discovered centuries ago, but was reserved for the few, that our thoughts have the power to attract to us all what we think of.

In other words, WE ARE WHAT WE THINK WE ARE, and we have all that we think we are capable or deserving.

  • If our thoughts are poor, our achievements will be poor as well.
  • If we consider ourselves with a limited capacity, we'll have very little.
  • If we think we do not deserve to be rich, then we will be poor.

In all these examples, the rule is the same, to be and to have depends solely on the positive attitude of our thoughts and considerations about our life and ourselves.

Our way of communicating with the universe is through our minds and in it we also have the so called subconscious. It's the one responsible of manifesting all that has been programmed there. It is responsible for controlling our body, our heart, liver, breathing, and a very long "etc". If we had to rely on the conscious part of the brain for these functions would have died shortly after birth.

Now, the subconscious does not reason, just records images and concepts, like a computer saves files, that will be available to apply at the time that is required.

Therefore, these "files" must be of good quality and not contaminated with fear.

If in our inner thoughts, I mean, what is recorded in our subconscious, we do not want to be poor, what we actually recorded is the image of being poor.

The mind does not record WORDS, but IMAGES instead. So the fact "I DO NOT WANT TO BE POOR", produces exactly the opposite of what we want. The image of poverty is received by the subconscious and it will not understand the "NOT" because that word does not have an associated image. Then the answer will be ... "you want POVERTY, you got it".

However, if we send images of happiness, wealth, fullness, the mind must be consistent with these images and what is manifested in our life will be exactly that.

There is no way to eliminate fears. What we do is control them and for this we must replace it with positive thoughts and images and NEVER represent images of failures or distrust.

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