November 19, 2010

How To Hire Search Engine Positioning Services

search engine positioning optimization
To get the desired level of positioning is very important that you understand what search engine positioning service is before you start to solicit project quotes.

Whether large or small, domestic or foreign, opened recently or having years of market presence, we are all trying to sell something online. Through experiments with this technology and integrating it into our business processes, there comes a time when we realize that to achieve the quantity and quality of visits we desire, we need our website to be located in search engines, that is, we must hire an optimization service to get the website to appear within the top positions in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live Search.

So far so good and the usual procedure would be to appoint a person within the company in charge of investigating who can perform this optimization work, how they will do it, how long will the process take and what the estimated cost of this project will be.

The reality is that very few people understand search engine positioning, what it is and how it is achieved, so that the problems begin to emerge from the moment they start looking for a specialist. There are many service offerings on the market for web design and a wide range of prices, so you must be very cautious in the selection of the web design and positioning agency. Otherwise, you may end up hiring a service that won’t bring the expected results.

To facilitate this process of finding a search engine positioning specialist I recommend you to follow these three simple steps:

1 • Learn about search engine positioning

When you purchase a product or service without knowing what you are buying, you risk being cheated, it is more difficult to make a decision and you may end up getting a little or no effective solution. There are too many offers in the market positioning services, many of them ineffective, so is your responsibility to investigate to understand that search engine positioning is a design technique, a complex process that takes several months to bear fruit and that, therefore, can not be a cheap service.

If you do not know the basics, it will be very difficult for you to understand the positioning strategy each agency is proposing and you may end up hiring a service that is not exactly what you require, or worse, a service based on unethical practices that, rather than help to promote your business, will get your website blocked and banned by search engines.

2 • Quantify the benefits of positioning

Most companies do not spend enough resources on web design projects because they do not know that positioning is a key factor for a successful online marketing campaign and think that any website can take them to the desired level of promotion they want.

If managers and directors who make the purchasing decisions know the benefits of positioning and can quantify in some way the fruits of such investment, then it will be easier for everyone to justify the project and obtain the necessary financial resources.

On this point, there are companies that still think that investing a few hundred dollars it’s enough to promote their company worldwide to position their brands and drive sales. As in any other advertising medium, there must be a logical relationship between what is spent and what performance is obtained for such investment.

3 • Hire a real specialist

Unfortunately, many search engine positioning services offered by web design agencies are not effective. Some agencies even dare to offer registration in search engines instead of positioning and, being registration a cheap process (it is because registering a website in a search engine costs nothing), the only thing this produces is to confuse more the customer.

The web design market is packed with offers that promise things that are often unattainable but never a true specialist will promise you things too good to be true. If your company is willing to invest in the project, the least you can do is make sure the agency you are hiring is actually made up of SEO specialists. A couple of calls to customer references and a look at the global ranking of the agency is sufficient to verify that it is a reliable firm.

Ineffective strategies

When hiring positioning services, many companies demand the supplier to be in charge of providing complete information about the features and benefits of positioning, producing awareness among managers of the company, justifying the web design project and also ensuring that the results need to be met, that in return of a service contract in which payment often depends on the results themselves.

What companies ignore, and that is much of the reason why many do not achieve their goal, is that search engine positioning is extremely complicated and cannot get more complex than it already is. Conversely, if a customer makes things easier and is willing to make the best possible effort, is much more likely that the company achieves the desired results.

Probably the most common error committed in online marketing projects is to spend money without knowing. If you spend a little time to understand the meaning of the key factors of success of a project of this kind you will surely get the expected results by investing the smarter way.

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