December 1, 2010

How To Generate Traffic And Leads for Your Business - PART 1

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In the new Internet economy, everything is focused on the traffic generated by search engines (organic traffic), so it is extremely important that you learn how to achieve good search engine rankings to generate more leads.

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The biggest pitfall in which one can fall into when designing a website is to accept without objection the theory of "if you build it they will come", a phrase popular among the Internet community with respect to that if you build a website for your company, it will automatically bring many visits from potential customers. The reality is that web design agencies rather spend their time and effort to do what they believe are better quality design websites and build effective web applications. They are, so to speak, the architects of websites, not the promoters of businesses. If you hired a building construction company and months later complained to the builder that your company is not doing business in that building, they would probably laugh and say "Good luck, excuse me". Just as construction companies do not promote or advertise the businesses they do the construction projects for, the specialty of the agencies that build websites is not to promote businesses.

The best advice I can give people on how to generate web traffic is to allocate a budget for promotion associated with the construction of their websites. Not having a promotion plan is a direct path to failure when it comes to Internet marketing. But there are so many ways, many of them ineffective, to spend money promoting a site, which is why it’s very confusing to those who have no experience in web promotion.

In order for companies to know more about it and be able to make better decisions in their Internet marketing campaigns, let me offer the following advice:

Hire an expert

It is difficult to find a good web designer who is also an expert in optimizing websites for search engine positioning. There’s just not enough time in the day to do both. An expert on search engine optimization goes one hundred percent of his time researching, testing, recording and analyzing. Some agencies get to have a good idea of the methodology to be followed to get good search engine rankings and may even offer a good advice. However, experts in SEO (search engine optimization) are just that ... experts. The services of a good SEO expert are not cheap, why? For one simple reason: to analyze and optimize a single website they may take several hours. Sending the website to registration takes another time. Then analyze the ranking, optimize pages and re-registration takes even longer. Finally, it is a manual process that requires many hours of work, dedication and effort.

When hiring a SEO expert, get more references as possible and talk to these people before making a decision. Additionally, take special care with those pseudo-SEO experts who promise the first 10 positions to very general statements. For example, if you have a website of a travel agency where clients can make hotel reservations and states and the selected SEO consultant states he can place your site within the first 10 positions in case someone searches the word "hotels" on Google, be very careful and suspicious about this. On the other hand, if you are the owner of a hotel in Leon, Guanajuato and want to be in the top 5 or 10 places on Google when someone searches for "hotels in Leon”, then in that case it is quite likely that the expert can achieve the position you want.

Get good references

If you want the best results on Google, the world's most popular search engine, you must ensure that the most prestigious websites are pointing to yours. The more popular the site which is pointing to yours, the higher the score. For example, if you sell merchandise related to Nascar, a link from would be worth much more than other links form websites published by Nascar fans. Is it worth paying thousands of dollars per month for such links? Probably not if what you're trying to do is just to improve your ranking among search engines, but you’d probably get considerable traffic from a site as important as just by having a recommendation from them.

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