November 18, 2010

How To Position Your Website On Search Engines?

search engine positioning optimization
Search engine positioning is achieved by hiring from the start an agency to develop a professional website, since it is quite difficult to position an existing website that was not designed to achieve positioning from the beginning.

The answer to the question of how to position your website in search engines can have different variants, depending on which phase of the project the question appears, ie whether the site in question is already in production or just about to start it’s development.

When the site is already developed

In this case, if the website is fully finished and pages can not be located through search engines, unfortunately there is little that can be done. In rare cases you can take the website and continue the project and position it on search engines. In general, development platforms and programming standards of conventional websites prevents this optimization work precisely because the site was not designed thinking in the promotion.

You have two choices here. You can choose to design an entirely new website, a professional website that includes search engine positioning, or, hire a fee-sponsored campaign to promote the website that is already developed. The latter is not optimal, since you will have to invest extra money in the campaign, but you can at least get some benefit from the investment made in developing this website.

The pay per click campaigns are not cheap, so I suggest you make a cost-benefit study to determine the best alternative before you start spending money on these sponsored links. If your decision is to hire a campaign of this kind is highly recommended that you get advice from a specialist agency. The pay per click campaigns like Google AdSense seem very simple, but you could be throwing your money away if not implemented properly.

When the site is not yet developed

If you're just quoting the project to develop your website, is the ideal time to determine how to promote it. For best results, you should forget about conventional websites and contact specialist agencies that provide services including professional website development along with search engine positioning. You must be very careful because if you purchase a conventional website, your products and services will never be located through search engines.

It is extremely important to make sure of two things: One, that what you are buying is a professional website, and two, that the firm is a specialist. Many agencies offer what is search engine registration, but registration has nothing to do with positioning, in fact, registration is not even necessary. By hiring the service, check the agency's ranking, the positioning techniques they apply, what specific domains they have positioned on search engines and the ranking these sites have reached. Do not settle for word information, request specific data and look it up. Only then you will ensure you are buying a professional website and a professional service.

Professional websites that include search engine positioning are more expensive than conventional websites. Be careful. If the proposal presented to you it is too good to be true, it is probably the case and you are being sold a conventional site. Unfortunately many half-truths are used in selling website development and positioning services. It is your responsibility to learn to differentiate and select the product quality that meets your requirements.

When the project is already in development

If your website is already in development, its your decision to stop and determine whether the type of product being manufactured will meet your expectations in terms of search engine promotion. As in the first case, in which the website is already in production, if the site is not being developed with proper technique, your pages may not be located through search engines and little or nothing can be done to optimize it once completed.

Similarly, it is advisable to make right now a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the project is aborted to then hire a professional website service or continue the development and use sponsored links campaigns.

Planning is the key

We all want to position our websites because we know that search engine positioning generates business opportunities (leads). However, few bother to plan the system of promoting their site, perhaps through ignorance or perhaps lack of interest, so many end up with a huge frustration.

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