November 15, 2010

Justification for a Website Project - PART 3

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This is PART 3 of this article, Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here.

Lack of an effective strategy

Today many of the entrepreneurs and managers who decide to implement online marketing programs in business know where they want to be but almost never know how to get there. They recognize as a necessity to make the website attractive to visitors, drive traffic and ideally be promoted by word of mouth, since this way the number of visitors is increased significantly and enables them to achieve the goal that you, us and virtually every employer seeks to achieve, that is to generate new business opportunities on the Internet.

The problem then is not the correct definition of the objective of the campaign, but the lack of an effective strategy to achieve that goal. There are still those who think that publishing a website is enough, regardless of whether or not it meets the minimum requirements to effectively promote the business and deliver the service that potential customers expect to find on their website. In general there is the idea that designing a website is simple and there is no great science behind the development of one.

What most entrepreneurs and managers still don’t understand is that these benefits begin to be seen only when the website has managed to excel in their own right out of millions of others and is located in a privileged place in search engines and has great visibility and therefore a huge potential in terms of business promotion is concerned.

To achieve these levels of promotion, it takes more than just a website with some few pictures and descriptions of their products, the website has to be developed by real professionals in online marketing, period.

Websites are technology

You can find published hundreds of web design offers in almost all means of advertising and promotion, primarily online but also in newspapers, magazines and yellow pages. However, you have to be very cautious in selecting the most appropriate provider for your website development projects. If you do not investigate before making decisions, you can be easy prey for design agencies that may not help meet the goals you have proposed for you Internet marketing campaign.

More than graphic design, websites are technology. If we divide the current offer of web design services into three groups (basic, intermediate and professional), I would say that graphic designers who do not know much about technology can not take your business beyond the basic group (just to be on the Internet) mainly because to them their main goal is to have the website look attractive, nothing more. A professional web design can only be offered by a web design specialist with expertise in various topics that are related to information technology.

Search engine positioning, for example, is the watershed in the relatively short history of Internet in business, as it is the feature that separates the professional websites of other websites that make up the large volume of billions of websites which are in average examined by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN Search to offer its services to locate web pages.

Budget problems

Companies today know and recognize the importance of generating traffic (number of visits to a website) to meet the objectives of promoting their business online, however, where they are failing is in the strategy they have been following to promote the business, because in most cases they limit to design a website just to have a presence and mistakenly assume that their pages will be located by potential customers without resorting to a professional service positioning.

This idea, coupled with a very limited budget for investment in the project of website design, have resulted in companies not achieving their goal of promotion and profit rather than financial and business position, is reduced to pleasure to see their business there on the Internet and feel that at least something is being done to promote the business, but these actions do not produce any results for the company at all.

In short, and to wrap up the idea of the 3 parts of this article, globalization forces us to new patterns of production and marketing, and puts us in a scenario of new and great challenges, we are committed to innovating or we are at risk of losing position in our respective markets. To compete in this new global marketing channel which is the Internet, you need to do your utmost effort to build a website to help you actively to promote your products and services, and this is achieved only through a professional service, technology properly applied and, of course, an investment that matches the enormity and objectives of the project.

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