December 2, 2010

How To Generate Traffic And Leads for Your Business - PART 2

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It is extremely important that you learn how to achieve good search engine rankings to generate more leads.

This is PART 2, read PART 1 of this article here

Sponsored Links

Your company can appear within the first places in the area of sponsored links from Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live and so at only 10 cents per click ... Guaranteed!.However, if another company is doing something similar with the same keywords that your company selected, then you will then need to make a higher bid for better position. For example, if your business is selling rustic furniture in Singapore, you would bid of 10 cents per click on Google Adwords for that search phrase. So every time someone searches for "rustic furniture" on Google, your company will appear in the sponsored listings and this would more likely get the sale. If the client decides to click on your ad, Google would charge at that time your account with 10 cents. 

If you don’t write your offer carefully to indicate that your company sells rustic furniture, then people who are not really looking for this type of furniture probably will not click on your website and it will save you some money. If your competition also makes an offer to Google, then you have to offer at least 20 or 30 cents, depending on how both you and your competition think every visitor is worth. Also note that your company does not have to necessarily be the number one. Many times you can bid on the second or third position and pay much less than the bidder who has the first place. This may be good for your business in some cases. However, if it is below the tenth place, then your company will be wasting its time.

Below some advantages of using sponsored links:

Minimum investment - now you can open a Pay-Per-Click with only $50 or less. You will then have a good opportunity to experiment with different search phrases and descriptions to attract interested customers to your website. Even in the worst case, if you do not get any results, you will have invested only $ 50 instead of the thousands who you’d normally spend on an advertising campaign.

Well-directed approach - Set correctly the objective of your campaign. If you use the promotion system of Pay-Per-Click, you should avoid being seduced by the temptation to bid on key phrases that are extremely popular, as this technique is a way to lose a lot of money quickly. A good example is this: If you sell pre-owned vehicles in Guadalajara, Jalisco and you make an offer of 75 cents per click for the phrase "used cars" is very likely to be the first in the list each time someone searches for used cars in one of the major search engines. However, it is not very likely that someone who lives in Monterrey or Mexico D.C. will buy a car in Guadalajara. If you bid only 10 cents for the phrase "used cars in Guadalajara" you will get less traffic, BUT you are much more likely to actually get a contact that results in a sale ... And you will save lots of money!

Performance - the system of Pay-Per-Click can be very profitable to attract visitors to your site. The best thing you can do is train in the use of this system of promotion and read all the tips that the search engines and experts have to offer about it.

Leverage existing advertising

If your company is already being promoted in traditional media like newspapers, radio and television, there is no reason NOT to publish your website address in the advertising, period. Put your site address on TV, put it on the radio, put on a billboard (big enough that people can see it and read it traveling at 100 km/h), and put it in print advertising.

Additionally, you should place your website address on all your company vehicles, letterhead, receipts, business cards, shopping bags, products, invoices, and any other place where you can find a place to print, stamp or paste the address of your website. Do you get the idea? Tell everyone your web address!

Professional presence

While many companies are tempted to get their website designed by a teenager, a close family member or the secretary who has designed your personal page with Front Page, they inevitably end up designing a website with the word "amateur" written all over it. These are the same companies that think it is not worth it spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign with a traditional agency. People who surf the Internet will not buy anything at these sites done by beginners, so those companies who have informal sites will lose their opportunity to offer a professional image.


If you're reading this article, it’s most likely due to the direct responsibility of generating traffic to your website is yours. Therefore you need to be trained and fast. There is no better place to do this than visit SEO forums and sites like T.I.C. Blog. You need to read, read and read more before starting to ask the right questions. Also, take special attention to what you read. Just because a person says things are one way does not mean that he / she has the absolute truth. I’m convinced that there is much misinformation, even within forums, with the purpose of keeping people confused, both customers and competition itself. If you read enough about the issue, you’ll understand why things are what they are.

In conclusion

Yes, you can definitely make money on the Internet. Millions of dollars are being spent each month. There are sales opportunities and opportunities to promote your business. Yes, there are ways to get your website is located at the top of search engines. However, you need resources, money, effort, hard work (as always) and good business strategies, but the results are worth it!
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