December 12, 2010

Search Engine Positioning, If I Had Known Before!

cheeky businessman nobody told me
Many companies with a website that has not worked well argue that they didn’t make a good decision in the purchase because no one told them at the time of the existence and importance of search engine positioning.

At present there are few companies that do not yet have a website. No matter if it is a corporation or a small company, all companies eventually decide to have an Internet presence with the firm intention of promoting their products and services, attract prospects, generate traffic, produce more opportunities for online business to position their brands and, desirably, increase their sales.

Unfortunately, from the many companies that have been published on the internet, few are hundred percent satisfied with the results obtained through their website. A large majority of companies recognize that their website has not yet generated the amount of business opportunities they had in mind at first when they took the decision to purchase a website to promote their products and services.

Later, when evaluating the results, which normally occurs between six and twelve months from the date of publication of the website, is quite common for many companies to reach the same conclusions:

* The website is not giving the expected results.

* The number of visits is not what was originally thought.

* The website has some significant shortcomings and that's partly the reason why visitors do not arrive.

* Our website should be found in search engines, otherwise we will never have the number of visitors we want.

It does not take so long for the smart companies to realize what is going wrong in the process is that they had not considered that their website must be promoted in some way so that visitors arrive, meaning that potential customers need to necessarily know of the existence of the company to generate traffic to the site. Other less fortunate companies will simply think that the website is poorly done and simply decide to hire the design of a second website.

Companies that decide to further analyze the causes of poor results in the process learn the most effective means to promote products and services on the Internet's to get better search engine rankings and, once acquired this knowledge, the most logical action is to hire a search engine positioning service. However, when trying to promote the website they will face a harsh reality. It is very difficult if not impossible, to position a website that was not designed for search engines and in most cases they will need to redesign their website. Yes, indeed, like if it was a whole new website, which is not a feasible alternative for many companies due to time and cost.

The root of the problem is that companies do not know for sure what is search engine positioning and how it is achieved. Positioning itself is a design technique to be applied from the beginning when designing the website for the first time. Many websites that are already developed do not meet one hundred percent design standards recommended by the search engines and therefore fail to position themselves on search engines. Just knowing the great competition in the Internet trying to reach the top positions in search engines makes companies understand the need to optimize websites through a web design professional.

If I had known before! - Argue many executives that learn the importance of promoting the website and how search engine positioning works. Unfortunately, when they purchase their website many companies ignore the advice of search engine positioning specialists offering their services to achieve top positions in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN Search.

For those companies that do not yet have a website and are now quoting a development project, my best advice is the same that I have been talking all over this blog: a website without search engine positioning is of little use to promote your business online and so positioning must be present in conjunction with the initial design of the site, not months later when the website is already designed.

There you have it, hire the positioning service along with the website design and avoid the hassle of having to report to your board that it is necessary to make a second investment to acquire a new site because the first one, which was expected to produce great results, just didn’t generate new business opportunities.

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