December 13, 2010

Search Engine Positioning Service – WHEN To Hire It?

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Most companies are trying to hire search engine positioning almost too late, when the website is already designed and there’s virtually not much they can do to achieve the desired positioning.

Internet business opportunities are won through search engines. Search engines are like the new online yellow pages, which are visited daily by hundreds of thousands of potential customers to locate the products and services they need. Unfortunately for businesses, many of the managers who make investment decisions ignore the issue and only through bitter experience learn that to do business on the Internet, a website must be listed on the top search results on sites like Google, Yahoo and MSN Search.

It has taken a long time from many companies to understand what search engine positioning is. At first, when companies first began to develop websites, executives, managers and general employees were unaware that in addition to website design they had to hire a search engine positioning service to give more visibility to their company, ie potential customers could easily find through a search engine products and services their company offered. Once they, employees and managers understood that search engine positioning was really a necessity, then they began to implement various strategies to position their website in top positions in search engines. However, the results so far have not been entirely satisfactory for most companies because many of them do not really know for sure what is positioning or how it is achieved. At present the problem persists because the companies are not purchasing this service when they should. To achieve the desired level of visibility, search engine positioning should be employed along with website design, not months later when the site is already developed and is virtually impossible to do anything to achieve positioning.

The main reason why you should hire search engine positioning services along with website design is because the position itself is a web design technique to be applied at precisely the time when developing your site . Many companies perceive search engine positioning more like a simple registration process than as a development methodology that is the result of implementing the best practices in web design and so are surprised when they find out the costs of a positioning service. It is a fact that when most people purchase a website for their company, they simply do not know yet what they are buying.

Web design agencies themselves have been responsible for further confusing the market, offering solutions that do not work, or non-satisfactory solutions. Among this group there are the following solutions:

• Bulk-registration in thousands of search engines
• Frequent search engine registration
• Link farms
• Indiscriminate use of meta-tags
• Unethical practices such as using hidden text
• Doorway pages
• Camouflaged content (cloaking)
• Repetition of nonsense words
• Filling of keywords (keyword stuffing)
• Alternative text spam
• Other techniques of deception

All these techniques have been designed to make website positioning in search engines available at a lower cost without having to invest in the hiring of professional services of experts in positioning. Its application is aimed at positioning websites that were not designed by search engine positioning experts and which therefore can not achieve the desired visibility in search engines unless using unethical practices. These pseudo-solutions are typically purchased by companies seeking a high level of search engine rankings but are not willing to invest in the redesign of their website. Although at times they could be effective, these are black-hat techniques banned by search engines, which apply severe penalties on sites that use them, coming even to remove even those domains from their databases, making impossible for those sites to ever appear within search results.

The best strategy, and the most effective one, is to hire from the beginning the services of a search engine positioning specialist. In this way you will make sure that your website will have an adequate level of visibility on the Internet a few weeks after being published. The problem is that if you do not know or understand positioning techniques, you will probably end up hiring the design of a conventional website without promotion. So my best advice is to read as many articles as possible on this issue (like the many in this blog). Reading will allow you to access strategic information that will certainly help you make better decisions, as more than just having an Internet presence, the main objective in acquiring a website is to promote your business.

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